‘Mortal Kombat X’: Jason Immortality Bug is Hilarious

By | 1 year ago 

As a competitive fighting game, the Mortal Kombat franchise has always been viewed as a guilty pleasure that offered fans tight controls and an ample amount of over-the-top maneuvers. Given this mentality behind the series, it’s no surprise that the latest entry, Mortal Kombat X, managed to sell so well across all platforms.

Despite NetherRealm Studios’ dedication to releasing a finished product, however, a few glitches have been spotted by players since the game’s release. Many have been patched, but with a slew of new characters being added as DLC it was inevitable that a few more would spring up – and in the case of Jason Vorhees, continue to spring up.

A new bug has been discovered that stays true to the machete-wielding fighter’s legacy, in which the character simply will not die. While it’s known that Jason has an ability in-game that resurrects him upon being defeated (giving players one more shot to dispatch their foe), the latest glitch takes that variant a bit too far.

As is evident by the video above, created by YouTuber PAKGN, the glitch occurs in certain instances when a Brutality is used on Vorhees. While this spells doom for any other fighter on the Mortal Kombat X roster, Jason simply stands back up as if his head hadn’t just been exploded by Raiden’s lightning attack. Fortunately, the match remains completed, meaning that Jason can’t continue the fight and it appropriately ends, so the glitch is much more comical than game-breaking.

Mortal Kombat X Jason Details

It’s likely that the immortal Jason glitch will affectively be killed by an update at some point in the near future, but its existence will continue to live on through this wonderful video. Keeping in mind that there are still three more downloadable combatants joining the fray relatively soon, not to mention the fact that the series’ director Ed Boon refuses to debunk the possibility of further DLC, it’s very possible that more glitches surrounding those fighters could emerge in the coming months.

It’ll be interesting to see what other glitches make themselves known with every new addition to the game (provided there are any), but we can only hope they’re as comedic as the immortal Jason Vorhees. In the meantime, stay tuned to Game Rant for more news on Mortal Kombat X.

Mortal Kombat X is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is also scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

Source: PAKGN