Mortal Kombat X: Here is One of Jason’s Fatalities

By | 1 year ago 

While much of the core focus of Mortal Kombat X heading into the game’s launch was on the main roster of fighters, the attention has shifted somewhat post release. Granted, developer NetherRealm Studios is still focused on improving and balancing their core fighters (new and old), but they also want to clue players in on what’s next.

Most immediately, Mortal Kombat X is set to add Jason to its roster as the first DLC guest character. Kombat Pack owners can unlock Jason starting tomorrow, May 5th, while the remaining gamers will have to wait until May 12 to buy Jason for Mortal Kombat X.

However, while we have a release date, the gameplay for Jason has been hard to come by. Just today, NetherRealm finally gave gamers their first look at Jason in action, but it was more of a tease than anything else. Right when Jason was about to trigger his Fatality, the footage cut away.

The good news is NetherRealm has a livestream planned that will give gamers all they need to know about Jason’s move set in Mortal Kombat X. But before that, some players have already got their hands on the Friday the 13th villain and shared some footage of Jason in action.

Like with the NetherRealm teases, the Jason Mortal Kombat X footage is brief, but it gets right to the point. Fans want to see Jason’s Fatality, and now we have it:

From a strict gameplay perspective, the Jason Fatality keeps in line with the Mortal Kombat X motto of doing everything to excess. Granted, this particular Jason Fatality isn’t all that memorable or creative, but it certainly follows along with the tradition of the character. For that matter, most of the moves we’ve seen of Jason look exactly like one would expect them to look. He’s relentless, a little slow, but seemingly packs a punch when it gets his hands on an opponent.

We also know there’s at least one other Jason Fatality in Mortal Kombat X; the teaser trailer suggested as much. That one involves Jason’s trademark weapon of choice: the machete, and is sure to be plenty bloody.

On a similar note, another Mortal Kombat X gamer has shared one of Jason’s Brutalities, which again highlights his relentless nature. The move itself is oddly reminiscent of Batman’s iconic showdown with Bane, in which the super strong villain breaks the Dark Knight’s back. Unfortunately, where Bane only wanted to cripple Batman, Jason has more gruesome ideas.

All told, Jason looks like, well, Jason in Mortal Kombat X. Much like NetherRealm did with Freddy Krueger in Mortal Kombat 9, they want to preserve the spirit of the character as best they can. Jason looks and walks the part, so fans should be pleased with his iteration.

Source: Kotaku