‘Mortal Kombat X’ Adds Jason DLC on May 5th

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Mortal Kombat X has proven to be a great success for the franchise, recently declared the fastest-selling game in the history of the series. Considering the great success of the game, it’s no surprise that NetherRealm Studios and WB Games have been aggressively supporting the game post-launch. The game has already received patches to address a multitude of issues, plus there’s plenty of DLC on the way.

What’s great is that some of the DLC will even be free. In fact, all future updates for Mortal Kombat X will feature free skins to go along with the typical improvements and fixes.

Skins are nice and all, but the really exciting DLC for Mortal Kombat X comes in the form of the new characters being added to the roster. We now know when the first new character, Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees, is going to be added to the game.

Those that own the Kombat Pack (the $30 season pass for Mortal Kombat X) will be able to download Jason starting May 5th. Everyone else has to wait a week, so expect Jason to be available to download separately on May 12th.

Along with Jason, players will also receive new skins for three fighters already in the game. Ermac, Mileena, and Reptile will all receive new horror-themed skins with the purchase of the Jason DLC.

There’s still some unknowns in regards to the Jason DLC. His move-set is a complete mystery at this point, and the potential of a Camp Crystal Lake stage has not been mentioned.

That being said, one could safely assume that Jason’s Fatality would likely involve the use of his trademark machete. At the same time, NetherRealm likes to get creative with their Fatality kills, so maybe one of Jason’s more unique kills from the movies will be represented. A scene from Jason X, in which Jason slams campers in sleeping bags against a tree, comes to mind.

'Mortal Kombat X' - Jason Voorhees

Luckily, players will have a chance to test Jason out before purchasing him to make sure he’s worth the cash. NetherRealm is offering players the opportunity to demo DLC characters before purchasing them through the Living Towers. Currently, Goro (available as a free pre-order bonus or paid download) is playable in the Living Towers, letting those that didn’t pre-order decide whether or not they want to shell out the cash for him or not.

In the meantime, what will future DLC hold for Mortal Kombat X? Well, there are numerous characters in the story mode that the player fights, but that aren’t actually playable. More importantly, series creator Ed Boon himself has hinted that these story characters will likely be added as future DLC in a Story Pack.

As for confirmed DLC, it’s already known that Jason will be joined by a second guest star in the form of Predator. Predator’s release date is unannounced so far, but he will be available at some point later this year. Two other DLC packs are also confirmed for the game, one featuring Tanya and the other featuring Tremor. Again, no release date has been nailed down for this additional content as of yet.

Besides characters, those interested in future DLC offerings for Mortal Kombat X have a lot to look forward to, in the form of skins and new moves. Fans of the older games will be happy to learn that classic Fatalities are in the works for the game.

Honestly, with all of this DLC content being released for the game, despite how great the game is (read our review), it may be wise to wait for the inevitable “Komplete” Edition. Not even a year after the previous game in the series came out, it was bestowed with a Komplete Edition that included all the DLC characters, such as Jason’s rival Freddy Krueger, and other bonus content as well, for a fraction of the price.

Mortal Kombat X is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Players can look forward to Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game later this year. The Jason Voorhees DLC pack will be available starting May 5th for those that are Kombat Pack owners, and on May 12th for those that want to purchase the DLC separately.

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