‘Mortal Kombat X’ Players Complain About Spamming

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Mortal Kombat X Players Complain About Spamming

If there’s one thing that gamers do better than playing video games, it’s complaining about video games online. The forum doesn’t matter: if it’s gaming related, there will always be one user who’s genuinely upset, and ten more who are faking outrage for their own amusement. If it were possible to harness all the energy that angry gamers spend posting online, then the US would prbably be able to break its dependence on foreign oil.

Recently, all that cyber furor is directed at Mortal Kombat X players who “spam” attacks with one of the game’s new characters, Jacqui Briggs. The daughter of fellow Mortal Kombat X fighter Jax Briggs, Jacqui has a move called the “Hand Cannon,” which is quick, powerful, and ridiculously easy to execute. As a result, many gamers are unleashing the Hand Cannon’s machine-gun fire over and over, leading to some pretty boring matches, and so-called cheap wins. As a result, there’s a growing divide in the Mortal Kombat community: for some, Jacqui’s Hand Cannon is no big deal. For others, it’s ruining the game.

For the uninitiated, “spamming” is what it’s called when players use a specific move over and over again, and it’s not new to fighting games. Whether it’s Ryu’s classic blue fireball in the Street Fighter series, Fox McCloud’s laser pistol in Smash Bros., or Stryker’s Desert Eagle and grenade combo in Mortal Kombat, almost every fighting game is rife with easily spammed attacks.

Of course, there are occasions where more inexperienced players misconstrue the frequent use of certain moves as “spamming”, when really their opponent is “zoning”, or keeping the enemy at a specific distance for strategic purposes. Spamming isn’t unstoppable, either. Experienced players with a true mastery over their characters consider adversaries’ reliance on Jacqui’s “Hand Cannon” a small, but manageable, nuisance.

Mortal Kombat X Players Complain About Spamming

For those players, if “spamming” is a real problem, then the solution is simply learning how to counter these cheap moves. Incessantly hearing the same sound effects play over and over, and being constantly defeated by a singular tactic, can be infuriating, but those losses should spur players to get better, not complain. Yes, seeing the same action occur repeatedly in a game isn’t the most entertaining thing to watch, especially as a spectator at a Mortal Kombat X eSports League match. But it’s not cheating. If a move is effective, then there really should be no argument against it. Adapt, and move on.

Besides, NetherRealm Studios gave its fans a varied and balanced roster, and there are tons of talented pro gamers sharing helpful tips and tricks with Mortal Kombat X community. There’s no reason why gamers can’t figure out how to counter Jacqui’s Hand Cannon. For many players, this all boils down to a conflict between those gamers who are constantly upping their game, and those unwilling to learn more.

Even if you consider spamming effective, do you think it’s a cheap way to win at fighting games? Do the complainers have a point, or should they just tough it out and get better?

Mortal Kombat X is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.

Source: Kotaku