Mortal Kombat X: First Gameplay Footage, 2 New Fighters Revealed

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After a few weeks of rumors, Mortal Kombat X was officially confirmed this week with a brutal CG debut trailer. The cinematic trailer gave fans plenty to be excited about, but it also raised many questions about who would fill up the roster of playable characters and what the actual gameplay footage would look like. Sony’s E3 2014 presentation earlier this evening delivered answers to both of those questions…

The gameplay footage splits things evenly between the new and the old by jumping back and forth between a Sub Zero versus Scorpion battle in a snowy forest (much like the cinematic one we saw in the debut trailer) and a second bout between two new playable characters. The fresh faces belong to a bug/wasp winged female character and a duo comprised of a high-pitch voiced tiny fighter riding on the back of hulking grunt. The winged figher is surrounded by all kinds of creepy crawly creatures and the duo seems to have the ability to split up and charge in separately for certain attacks.

Both match-ups show how well the brutality has been carried over to the new-gen era. Everything down to the particles shattering off of Sub Zero’s attacks seems to be perfectly rendered. Some viewers were disappointed to see so much screen time dedicated to the classic characters, but it’s hard not to enjoy watching Scorpion dodge Sub Zero’s attacks by jumped from the branches of a tree.

Neither of the new characters were named in the trailer, but hopefully more information about them will be released throughout the week.

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As hinted at in the debut trailer, fighters will be able to utilize items from the environment to inflict pain on their opponents. The franchise standard brutality of the game seems more gruesome than ever this time around, thanks to the sheer rendering capabilities of the PS4. X-ray attacks, stabbings, and of course Fatalities all seem a little more stomach-turning than usual thanks to the new console generation.

Are you more excited to see additional new characters or to find out what other classics are coming back for Mortal Kombat X? Let us know in the comments.

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Mortal Kombat X will be arriving at some point in 2015 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC.

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