Ermac Revealed For 'Mortal Kombat X'; Conan Plays With Super Bowl Stars

As promised by NetherRealm and series co-creator Ed Boon earlier this week, more roster confirmations continue to hit the web as we come closer to the April release date of Mortal Kombat X. After teasing new intel on Twitter, the team confirmed Reptile and his acid attacks would be back for the next installment in the iconic hardcore fighting franchise and just a few days later, another fan favorite veteran fighter is brawling his way through an announcement video...

Although MKX will feature quite a few fresh faces, the last few confirmations have all revealed old school fighters. Today, the urban legend turned Scorpion palette swap, turned actual character joins the list of current-gen fighters. Ermac started out as a rumored character during the franchise's early days, but eventually was introduced to the lore and the fighting roster as a gift to the fans who had been obsessing over the rumored ninja.

As you can see in the gameplay demo above, Ermac is definitely the real deal this time around. Ermac's pyschokinetic abilities are back for MKX and although we don't get to see a Fatality in the preview video, we do see him do some serious damage to Sub-Zero by pulling him into the air and crushing him with telekinetic energy. The NetherRealm camp also confirmed that Mortal Kombat X will feature a new kind of finisher; distinct from the Fatalities, Babalities, or any of the other existing cinematic match-enders.

The Mortal Kombat hype train pulled into the late night station this week, when the game was featured on Conan's always ridiculous Clueless Gamer feature. This time around, in celebration of Superbowl Sunday, Conan brought in two special guests to preview the game with him. The late night host sat down in a hotel conference room with the Patriot's Rob Gronkowski and the Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch to get a special early access hands-on preview of Mortal Kombat X.

Gronkowski and Lynch take Conan to the school of button mashers before all three of them are terrified by a gruesome finisher. In addition to some very colorful commentary on matchups between many of the fighters that have already been confirmed, the trio also have a pretty hilarious conversations about Mario Kart that is worth watching even if you aren't a Mortal Kombat fan.

Are you excited to see so many classic fighters confirmed for Mortal Kombat X or would you rather be learning about new characters? Let us know in the comments.

Mortal Kombat X releases April 14, 2015 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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