Classic Fatalities Set to Be Released as DLC for 'Mortal Kombat X'

Mortal Kombat Fatality Kano

Mortal Kombat X may have only been unleashed upon fans a week ago, but plans for its post-launch DLC have been common knowledge for some time. However, based on files found in the game's Steam database, it seems that there might be content on its way that hasn't yet been officially announced.

While the newest instalment in the long-running series establishes a host of brand new characters, it also pays homage to the klassics. Over the weekend, a new set of costumes patched into the game added a modern take on Sub-Zero's attire from the very first game, and an upcoming Tower challenge currently being advertised on its main menu looks set to pit players against the arcade ladder from that title.

Now, the game's troubled Steam release has revealed another way that Mortal Kombat X is going to give fans a dose of nostalgia. Inquisitive players have stumbled upon DLC packs labelled 'Klassic Fatalities 1' and 'Klassic Fatalities 2' alongside the characters and skins that have been announced over the past few months.

Beyond that, details are scarce — with twenty years of Kombat to select from, it's difficult to gauge just how 'Klassic' these fatalities will be. Conventional wisdom would suggest that they'll be taken from the original Mortal Kombat, but there are no doubt favorites from every game in the series that would be warmly received by fans.

However, the greater relevance of this content is that it confirms we don't know the full extent of NetherRealm's DLC plans for the game. It was previously assumed that the four characters currently confirmed would complete the roster — but that can be called into question now that we know the studio hasn't unveiled everything that's in development.

We could see the non-playable characters from Story Mode fleshed out to match the rest of the roster and offered up. Conversely, we could see some absent series stalwarts be reintroduced — fan favorites like the cyborgs of Mortal Kombat 3 or Noob Saibot would be likely candidates in that case.

However, we don't know anything for sure at this point, and we likely won't until the first wave of Mortal Kombat X DLC has been made available. For now, it's time to speculate about which Klassic Fatalities are set to make the cut. Will Liu Kang once again release the dragon within? Will Sub-Zero bring back the traditional spine-rip? For the moment, we'll have to wait and see.

Mortal Kombat X is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. An Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release is planned for later this year.

Source: Reddit

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