The year was 1987. Whitney Houston was dominating the radio, The Simpsons debuted on television, and Arnold Schwarzenegger helped usher in a brand new science-fiction franchise with Predator, which included Carl Weathers co-starring in the memorable supporting role of Major George Dillon.

Fast forward to 2015, and Predator is a pop culture icon to this day. So much so that the titular creature, the Predator, is set to be included in future DLC for the extremely popular fighter Mortal Kombat X as a part of the Prey Pack. Fans that download the Prey Pack will also be treated to a new skin for Jax, based on the Major George Dillon character from the film.

It was previously leaked that Carl Weathers’ likeness would be used for Jax’s alternate skin in the Prey Pack, but no one knew for sure whether the actor would also be lending his voice to Mortal Kombat X. Reddit users have dug through IMDb to discover that Carl Weathers will indeed be reprising his role as Dillon for the new Jax skin.

Besides Dillon and Predator, two new skins for Scorpion and Johnny Cage are reportedly included in the Prey DLC add-on as well. Scorpion’s skin is supposedly called “Infrared”, whereas Johnny Cage is apparently getting a new skin called “Commado”. Given Johnny Cage’s role as a satire of ’80s action stars (more specifically, Jean-Claude Van Damme), some predict his new skin to resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character “Dutch” as he appeared in the movie.

Mortal Kombat X: Carl Weathers Will Provide Voice for Jax Skin - Jax

Major George Dillon and Predator aren’t the only 80s icons featured in Mortal Kombat X DLC. In fact, Jason Voorhees was released the game just last week. Jason as he appears in Mortal Kombat X is a faithful representation of the brute as he is depicted in the films, so expect the same care to go into Dillon and Predator.

Hopefully some of Dillon’s more memorable quotes from the film make it into the DLC. “So what are ya gonna try next? Cheese?”, for example, would be a perfect fit for the campy tone of the game’s post-fight one liners. Uttering “****ing lizard”, as he was known to refer to the Predator, would also be an amusing callback, and would work before bouts with either Predator or even Reptile.

Unfortunately, fans may have a while to wait before they get their hands on the Carl Weathers skin in Mortal Kombat X, as the leaked materials suggest the Prey Pack will be the third DLC add-on released for the game. The next DLC pack is reportedly going to be the Klassic Pack, which will be headlined by Tanya and include new skins for Kano, Liu Kang, and Sonya Blade.

Whenever the Prey Pack is released, it will likely be available a week earlier for Kombat Pack (the season pass equivalent for MKX) owners, as was the case with the Horror Pack. Those that aren’t interested in the other DLC and didn’t shell out the cash for the Kombat Pack will at some point be able to download the Prey Pack separately, if they so wish.

Mortal Kombat X is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with PS3 and Xbox 360 versions on the way as well.

Source: Reddit