New Trailer Shows 'Mortal Kombat' Twist on King of the Hill

Mortal Kombat King of the Hill Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive is delivering fighting game fans with yet another trailer for next week’s Mortal Kombat, this one detailing the King of the Hill mode. Playing out similar to the party room in the Xbox 360 version of Netflix Instant Watch, King of the Hill allows several players to view an MK match while at the same time interacting with the screen.

As the player interacts with the Mortal Kombat match they are viewing — performing actions like throwing a tomato at the screen or booing — they will earn respect points based on variety and context. It might not have been the first thing that popped to mind when the concept of a King of the Hill mode was announced, but it’s a great way to get together with your friends and have a little fun.

Adding a competitive twist to this spectator mode, King of the Hill will use those respect points earned to determine which player has “won” a given round. From there, the other members of your viewing room will attempt to challenge your place as King of the Hill by trying to improve their interactions with the next match. Think of King of the Hill as a competitive version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 — not exactly Mortal Kombat-like, but an intriguing concept.

For King of the Hill, NetherRealm Studios packed in a little present for owners of the Xbox 360 version of the game, but it isn’t something to rival the inclusion of Kratos in the PS3 version. Those Xbox 360 players of King of the Hill will be able to use their Xbox Live Avatars to interact with the screen whereas PS3 participants will have to choose from a selection of Mortal Kombat "avatars."

See what the new King of the Hill mode is all about in the trailer below:


As part of the trailer, NetherRealm also revealed that when trying to craft specific features for Mortal Kombat they tried to elevate them past gamers’ expectations. Sure, many classic elements from Mortal Kombat’s past are making a return, but with this iteration they wanted to deliver a ton of new modes to explore.

With the game a mere five days away, and all of the secrets NetherRealm is willing to talk about revealed, there is nothing left to do but save up your cash and prepare for the next-gen rebirth of the classic fighter.

What do you think of the King of the Hill mode for Mortal Kombat? Of all the modes detailed (Challenge Tower, Tag Team, King of the Hill), which appeals the most to you?

Mortal Kombat releases April 19, 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Source: IGN

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