New 'Mortal Kombat' Trailer Reveals The Challenge Tower

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Mortal Kombat has always been known for one thing: violence. It became known for its sheer gut wrenching bloodshed, shocking concerned mothers and exciting young gamers like you and me during those oh-so-tender growing years. After the initial jump to 3D, fans weren't pleased as the series moved further and further away from its simplistic roots. Now, the forthcoming series reboot looks to address those complaints by returning the game to simple 2D, and packing in all the violence and gore fans love.

Another thing Mortal Kombat is known for, more so in recent years, is adding tons of extra content to its retail releases so that it's not "just another fighting game." This philosophy can be seen way back in the very first game, with the fondly remembered Test Your Might minigame. The latest MK looks to continue that trend, to a previously unheard-of degree. In a new video, members of the development team talk about the Challenge Tower, a new mode that could take up a large amount of time for any gamer

They explain that the Tower will have 300 missions, ranging from simple fights between certain characters, to effects that will be active during matches, to training exercises, to minigames, and so on. As expected, the missions will get progressively harder, with the final challenge being the absolute hardest there is, but the creators hinted at a valuable reward for anyone tough enough to beat it.

Take a look at the trailer, but remember that Mortal Kombat is an M rated game, and this trailer is intended for mature audiences only.


In addition to the Tower itself, the video shows the return of Test Your Might, as well as Test Your Sight from Deadly Alliance. It also details a Might spinoff called Test Your Strength, and the most unique of all of them, Test Your Luck, in which a slot machine appears on the screen and spins to randomly select various factors for the match, such as opponent and effects. The developers explain that it was originally supposed to be a part of the Tower, but got such a positive reaction from fans that it eventually spun off into its own mode.

Finally, the video shows off a number of characters that weren't confirmed before, particularly Baraka, Stryker, Jade, Sindel, and Noob Saibot. The Tower screen also shows what appears to be the robot version of Smoke (mentioned in the Ed Boon tweet) for about a second near the beginning of the video, but it's hard to tell.

Are you excited for the Challenge Tower? What other features do you think will appear in it? Do you think you're up to the task of beating the supposedly ridiculously hard EndGame challenge?

Mortal Kombat is coming out April 19, 2011, for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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