'Mortal Kombat' Infographic Depicts Every Release To Date

Mortal Kombat Release Infographic

With the highly anticipated release of the new iteration of the Mortal Kombat series almost upon us, the illustrious fighting series has been the talk of gamers the world over. Whether they're discussing the rumors that Green Lantern may be included in the Xbox 360 version of the game, the fact that two of the series' most iconic bosses, Goro and Shao Khan will not be playable, or just marveling over the finalized character designs, Mortal Kombat has quickly become a focal point in the gaming world.

Feeding off of the hype of game's imminent release, an interesting infographic was recently posted to Reddit. It chronicles the series' twenty year history, dating all the way back to it its 1992 debut in arcades.

As with massive, iconic gaming franchises like Mario, Street Fighter and even Zelda, it's sometimes easy to forget just how far back the Mortal Kombat series dates. While recently there may have been a slight lull in releases, with a two-year gap taking place between the upcoming Mortal Kombat and the last game in the series, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe (which was not as well received by fans as originally expected), the fact remains that there have been a ton of Mortal Kombat games. Check out every release to date below:

Mortal Kombat Infographic

It seems as if the new iteration of Mortal Kombat is well on its way to revitalizing the iconic fighting series by returning to its roots and the things that made it stand out from other fighting games: namely, its intense violence. Only time will tell if the game has what it takes to compete with other recently released fighting veterans, like Marvel vs Capcom 3, or if it will quickly become a forgettable addition to the series.

Do you have any fond memories of Mortal Kombat? At what point in its lifespan did you first pick up the series?

Mortal Kombat smashes its way onto shelves on April 19, 2011, for the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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Source: Reddit

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