Mortal Kombat: Every Guest Character In The Series Ranked By Power

While the Mortal Kombat franchise was already a beloved series before Warner Bros purchased it, the team at Netherrealm Studios have benefitted from that move by being able to include some awesome guest stars in their series starting with Mortal Kombat 9. Since then, fans have come to expect amazing guest stars from the world of comic books, movies and television.

From horror icons like Freddy Krueger to DC Comics royalty like The Joker, here's every guest star in the MK series ranked by power. Keep in mind this with their actual power outside of the games in mind, so this is how good they were at tournaments or anything like that.

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10 Leatherface

Possibly the most deranged fighter on this list (which is saying A LOT considering who else is on here), Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise may be a crazed lunatic with a chainsaw, but that's about all he has going for him.

Lacking in any special superpowers, intellect or effective combat strategy, this freak finds himself smack dab at the bottom of the list. Sorry horror fans, this masked menace just didn't make the cut.

9 Freddy Krueger

Whenever discussing the power levels of Freddy Krueger, it's bound to get controversial. In a way, he is both one of the weakest and strongest characters on the list. For those who don't know, the villain of A Nightmare On Elm Street mainly resides in the "Dream World" where he can effectively completely control the rules of reality. However, if he can be tricked or pulled into the real world by force, then he's just a serial killer with a bladed glove.

However, to make him feasible in his MK appearance, it's said that he retains a small portion of his reality-warping powers outside the Dream World. Still, compared to what is ahead on the list this isn't enough. If all the MK cast were to fall asleep then Freddy would be top of the class but that's not going to happen in a fighting game.

8 Joker

mk 11 joker

The arch enemy of the Batman, The Joker will make his Mortal Kombat debut later in 2020 but he's already been confirmed for the game. Although he gives Batman fits every time they face off, Joker isn't quite as powerful in a direct hand to hand setting as the other fighters here.

While he does possess a tremendous tolerance for pain and immunity to all toxins and poisons, that's not going to save him against somebody who just punch his head off his shoulders. He may be a more resourceful fighter compared to some others ahead of him, but that only gets the Clown Prince Of Crime so far.

7 Jason Voorhees

A near-immortal creature risen from the lake, Jason Voorhees was the first guest star of MKX which marked his first playable appearance in a video game ever. Netherealm Studios gave Jason his proper respect by making him a slow albeit powerful fighter who is hard to put down for good.

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While his powers evolve throughout the film series, the game seems to be going by his most recognizable form. That is, he has a great healing factor, superhuman strength and generally take whatever physical attack thrown at him. However, his weaponry and offensive tools are limited compared to what lies ahead on here, keeping him in the middle of the pack.

6 Predator

When your reason for existing is to hunt down people, you're bound to be a pretty powerful fighter. That is the case with Predator from the film series of the same name. Armed to the teeth with tools and weapons that kill most opponents in seconds, Predator is one of the most versatile kombatants on the list.

Predators can make mincemeat of plenty of MK fighters due to their skills in kombat but as we'll see later on in the list, there are some guest stars who aren't exactly mortal. Still, Predator can hang their trophies on being in the top 5.

5 Xenomorph

Who is going to want to deal with an enemy who can implant their children into your chest and then have them explode out of it? That fear factor alone should deter anyone from combating the Xenomorph from the Alien but this is MK where that kind of thing isn't too crazy.

Known for their speed, ferociousness and cunning, Xenomorphs are never without a natural weapon as even their acidic blood is a weapon. But their intelligence has always been in question and can have a hard time against mechanical opponents such as...

4 Terminator


The newly released Terminator (specifically the T-800 model) fits right in alongside the blood-thirsty fighters of the Mortal Kombat world and its many guest stars.

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Known for their durability, intelligence and powerful physical strength, these robots can any weapon known to man with ease or deal with opponents via their fists and feet. With their great durability, power and versatility, The Terminator would be at the top of this list if two big beefy supernatural boys weren't crowding the top.

2 Kratos

Known by many nicknames, Kratos from the God of War series is one of gaming's most angry and powerful warriors ever. Equipped a heavenly arsenal of weapons and magic, fans were super excited over his inclusion in the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat (2011).

Aside from his natural strength, speed and agility his magical arsenal boosts his natural powers and his power list goes on for days including pyrokinesis, a healing factor and so much more.

One could easily make the case for Kratos being number one on this list but for our money, we have to give up for Todd MacFarlane's most popular creation not named Venom.

1 Spawn

mortal kombat 11 spawn render voice actor

My oh my it's going to be funny when a mere mortal like Sonya Blade or Jax is seen showing throwing down with the demonic creature known as Spawn. Why is that? Well simply put, Spawn is one of the most overpowered characters in fictional history.

Capable of opening portals to heaven and hell, possessing tremendous superhuman strength and speed putting him on par with Marvel and DC's finest and vast magical powers that defy imagination, Spawn clears the field as the strongest guest character Mortal Kombat has ever seen. Even Kronika would start sweating profusely if she saw this beast of an anti-hero.

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