The Original ‘Mortal Kombat’ Game Cast Together Again

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The original Mortal Kombat was an instant hit among gamers, boasting some of the most visceral combat (kombat?) ever seen in a fighting game. Granted, the game was not without its controversies, coming under fire numerous times for its depictions of violence, but it’s still an indelible part of the video game history.

To this day, MK1 remains an arcade classic, especially for gamers who grew up in the ’90s. And so, we have a special treat for those gamers: a reunion of the entire Mortal Kombat cast.

Although some might have landed on this post in the hopes of seeing Christopher Lambert, Robin Shou, Bridgette Wilson, the Mortal Kombat cast we are talking about portrayed the FMV characters used in Midway’s game. They look a little different than they did back in the early ’90s, mind you, but these are definitely the original actors. In fact, many of these folks went on to “star” in the following two Mortal Kombats, sometimes even pulling double or triple duty as multiple characters.

The photos come courtesy of Galloping Ghost Arcade (see the full album here) who played host to something they called Shang Tsung’s Fight Night 4 Mortal Kombat. At the event, the original actors showed up to talk to fans, sign autographs, and even pose for photos.

Overall, it’s nice to see these original Mortal Kombat actors give back to their fans. They seem not only grateful for their continued fame, but also willing to rub elbows with those who still put the original Mortal Kombat on a very high pedestal.

Obviously, a lot has changed since 1992, but Mortal Kombat still remains one of the most popular fighting game franchises out there. Sure, MK has had its ups and its downs, but the franchise has come back in a big way thanks to the success of Mortal Kombat 9.

In fact, MK9 has ushered in a new age for the series, where violence is not just a key feature but also a major selling point. Even a cursory glance at the recent trailer for Mortal Kombat XNetherRealm‘s first current-gen series entry — will tell you that.

Oftentimes it’s fun to look back and see where a series found its roots before looking ahead to the latest and the greatest. The original Mortal Kombat will always hold a special place in our hearts, and these actors are a large part of that.

What original Mortal Kombat fighters do you hope return for Mortal Kombat X? Who was your go-to kombatant for MK1?

Source: Galloping Ghost Arcade

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