'Mortal Kombat' DLC Season Pass Available

Mortal Kombat DLC Season Pass

The concept of DLC has revolutionized the gaming industry in such a way that it's almost impossible to imagine not having it. Being able to get new content for a game you enjoy without having to go out and pay full price for a new game entirely is both convenient and cost-effective for publishers. Mortal Kombat will be receiving some DLC of its own soon, and Netherrealm Studios looks to be trying something new with premium downloadable content, implementing a season pass for all four new characters.

In addition to the Klassic Skins pack that's out right now, soon players will be able to purchase four new characters for Mortal Kombat. The exact release date for the characters is a bit sketchy, but it's safe to assume that at 400 Microsoft Points/4.99 on PSN apiece, getting all the characters would be a bit pricey. To make up for this, later this month you'll be able to purchase a "season pass" for the DLC.

By paying 1200 Microsoft Points up front, you'll have officially bought all four characters, and you'll be able to download them as they become available. It's not exactly known how much the PSN equivalent is, but it's believed to be a bit more expensive than the Xbox version. This is supposedly to make up for the fact that the PS3 version has the exclusive character Kratos.

As of now, none of the downloadable characters are available, but the first one will be up for download on June 21. The character will be the much-talked-about newcomer Skarlet, with the blind swordsman Kenshi to appear later. It was also confirmed that the rumored inclusion of Rain is true, as he'll be up for download after Kenshi. The fourth character is currently unknown.

The idea of paying ahead of time to get new content as soon as it's available is certainly an interesting concept , and if this catches on, we will be seeing it implemented in other games (see: Call of Duty Elite).

What are your thoughts on "season DLC passes" and who do you think the currently unknown fourth character is?

Mortal Kombat is out right now for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Eurogamer

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