A new Mortal Kombat X trailer shows off the new characters coming in Kombat Pack 2, including Alien’s Xenomorph, Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface, and more.

Despite releasing almost a year ago, one of 2015’s best fighting games, Mortal Kombat X, isn’t done dishing up gory, violent battles for players. Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today revealed a new trailer for Kombat Pack 2, the next wave of downloadable content for the brutal fighter.

Players who purchase Kombat Pack 2 for Mortal Kombat X will snag a significant amount of content, including new additions to the game’s roster, and plenty of character skins for the Kombatants already in the game.

In terms of new characters, players can look forward to the addition of the Xenomorph from Alien, Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface, the cyborg ninja mash-up Triborg, and cult favorite Bo’ Rai Cho. The below trailer gives gamers a small taste of what to expect from each new Kombatant.

In addition to the new characters mentioned above, players who didn’t preorder Mortal Kombat X before its release in April will finally receive Goro as a playable character with Kombat Pack 2. Altogether, here’s everything players will receive with Kombat Pack 2, or the items that will be up for purchase as standalone pieces:

  • New Characters – Xenomorph, Leatherface, Triborg, and Bo’ Rai Cho
  • Goro – The feral, four-armed Shokan warrior will be available as a playable Kombatant.
  • Apocalypse Pack – The Apocalypse Pack features three new character skins, reimagining characters Takeda, D’Vorah and Erron Black with an apocalyptic theme.
  • Brazil Pack – The Brazil Pack features three new character skins: Futbol Cage, Capoeira Liu Kang and Gaucho Kung Lao.
  • Kold War Pack – The Kold War Pack includes three new character skins: Motherland Sonya, Tundra Sub-Zero and Revolution Kano.
  • Kold War Scorpion – Kold War-themed Scorpion character skin.

This isn’t the first time Mortal Kombat X fans have heard about these new characters. Last month, someone at Warner Bros. inadvertently shared a trailer early, spilling the beans regarding the publisher’s plans for 2016. At the time, fans were ecstatic for the opportunity to play as Xenomorph and Triborg, two new characters who offer a lot of promise in the world of Mortal Kombat.

The same can’t be said for Leatherface, who many die-hard fans were disappointed to see added to the roster, saying they felt other, actual MK characters should have been chosen instead. Despite the outcry from gamers, it seems Waner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios felt it advantageous to include Leatherface. It’s worth noting that Lionsgate Films plans to release a new installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series called Leatherface this year, which may have helped influence Warner Bros’ decision to include the character.

Despite the controversy surrounding Leatherface, it seems 2016 will be an exciting year for Mortal Kombat X players, with exciting new Kombatants and character skins and other additions likely on the horizon.

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Mortal Kombat X is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.