Epic Mod Alert: Morrowind Meets Skyrim in 'Skywind'

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Mods, mods, mods! If you're a regular Game Rant reader, us praising community mods and developers that support them shouldn't come as a surprise. From the creation of DayZ using Arma II and fans adding multiplayer to Just Cause 2 to the endless series of additional content and gameplay features coming continuously to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim much like it did to its predecessors, mods are such an important part of modern day gaming.

Many developers work under tight budgets and strict schedules and that's rarely good for the players. Desired features, necessary tweaks and additional content can and are frequently dropped from the game or simply weren't built in the first place and that's where the creative and passionate gaming community comes in - driven to improve games on their own time and for the right reasons.

Here on Game Rant we've highlighed a variety of Skyrim mods over the last few months but today we have something a little bigger and easily more spectacular. This isn't someone adding a dragon mount, a movie-themed weapons pack or unique looking house. What Skywind is, is so much more. It's Morrowind. And it's gorgeous.

Before The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion mainstreamed Bethesda's flagship franchise for console gamers, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind hit it big on PC and was ported over to the original Xbox as the first ever console game in The Elder Scrolls series. To this day it remains a franchise favorite among long-time fans including myself due to its varied and memorable environments, and vast amount of armor combinations and weapons.

Modder Eloth (who previously helped bring back Morrowind using Oblivion's toolkit with Morroblivion) has led a team rebuilding Morrowind (specifically, the island of Vvardenfell that offered the setting of the game) using the Skyrim Creation Engine, and over the last few months has been posting screenshots of the development, from texturing and mapping to improved lighting and detailing and the progress speaks for itself:

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Skywind aims to bring the characters and combat along with the environments of Morrowind all back and if you're an experienced modder, they're looking for help. So sign up! Here are some early walkthrough videos of notable Morrowind locations:





The Imperial City


When this is near completion, a few of our team are going to jump in. Now, if only there were a working multiplayer mod...


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Source: Morroblivion (via PC Gamer)

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