Xbox Head Discusses Bringing More Xbox 360 Games to Xbox One

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Phil Spencer Discusses Bringing More Xbox 360 Games to Xbox OneOne of the largest drawbacks in graduating to next-gen systems is having to bid farewell to the games of the previous generation. Due to their incompatibility with the newest hardware, older titles often become a relic of the past. This happens, because no matter how many hours are logged on them, the imperative for most gamers is to move forward by progressing with the newest technology.

Of course, there are a lot of classic console titles that can now be downloaded from online vendors through the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. But a lot of gamers want to have actual re-appropriations of older games for the next-gen, like Xbox 360 games for the Xbox One for instance, and Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division and Microsoft Studios, completely agrees with them.

When a fan asked Spencer about the possibility of Fable Anniversary being released for Xbox One, the Microsoft head said:

“Lots of 360 games I’d like to bring to XB1. Only so much time and want to focus on making new games. Not easy tradeoffs.”

Phil Spencer Discusses Bringing More Xbox 360 Games to Xbox One

Although the Xbox head honcho has the same feelings about the issue that most gamers do, Phil Spencer’s priority in the gaming industry is profits, so he’s reluctant to promise anything at all. Currently, the Xbox One does not support backward compatibility, but a couple of years ago, Microsoft put forth the notion of a digital-only future for gaming. By introducing the topic, the company is implying that their newest console is capable of supporting a game-streaming service, and gives hope that one day all of the developer’s older-generation titles will be available through a singular resource. While the notion is neat, it’s actually rather greedy, since gamers shouldn’t have to repurchase games they already own just because backwards compatibility is an issue for Microsoft Studios.

Sure, by keeping their vintage systems like the Xbox 360 and PS3 in rotation, players can always revisit their favorite games of the past should they desire to do so. But, more often than not, justifying the circumnavigation of their next-gen console just to rekindle nostalgic flames is kind of hard to do, especially since gamers spend a lot of money just to upgrade from outdated technical capabilities. And for those of us who unplug and repackage our outmoded systems completely, the only other way to enjoy the older games without having to go through the hassle of hooking the last-gen up again is if the titles get the remaster treatment like The Last of Us and God of War III did for the PlayStation 4.

Do you think that remastering and upgrading older games for newer systems is lazy or a smart move? Either way, which Xbox 360 games would you like to see upgraded to the Xbox One?

Source: Gamespot