More than 29 Million Hours of Fallout Shelter Have Been Played

More than 29 Million Hours of Fallout Shelter Have Been Played

Despite the reality that Bethesda basically made Fallout Shelter as a buttress to help fans get through the wait period for the release of Fallout 4, the free-to-play Vault-building game has gone on to massive success. It didn't take long for the tap-screen title to gain popularity among iOS users, as it dethroned Candy Crush Saga from the top-ranking spot in the App Store almost immediately after its introduction. And if that isn't impressive enough, the sought-after community simulator later went on to generate over $5 million in its first two weeks of availability for Apple products.

Of course, Fallout Shelter fans were not simply iPhone and iPad users. As a matter of fact, many supporters of Bethesda's post-apocalyptic franchise clamored for the game to be supported on other platforms namely, they wanted it to be released on Android. Obviously, by making the title obtainable through Google Play, Fallout Shelter's popularity was set to explode at levels on par with a nuclear blast. As it happens, Bethesda has now put out a brand new infographic charting the huge in-game achievements players have set during the game's debut month (so that means no Android values are included), and it certainly paints a picture of triumph for the Maryland-based studio.

As shown below, the cumulative data compiled since Fallout Shelter's initial launch shows players logging more than 1 billion play sessions in total, the creation of over 85.3 million Vaults, and characters giving birth to almost 82 million babies. While the aforementioned numbers are definitely staggering, perhaps the most striking figures lie in the statistics of fans spending more than 29 million hours as virtual Overseers.

Fallout Shelter Infographic

A few other worthy calculations are disaster-related, such as the unfortunate Raider attacks adding up to almost 42 million, 119.5 million blazes being sparked, and the nearly 21 million Dwellers dying while exploring the Wasteland. As previously mentioned, since Android particulars have been left out, it's a wonder how much bigger these totals would be.

Although the infographic is quirky and illuminating on a few levels, a couple of key details have been left out. For starters, the total number of downloads are nowhere to be seen. Plus, the revenue that Bethesda has received for Fallout Shelter is missing. While its unclear as to why such figures are absent, perhaps the developer decided to stick solely with in-game stats.

At any rate, with would-be Wastelanders waiting on pins and needles for Fallout 4 to finally drop, many fans will probably continue to give Fallout Shelter even more attention until they can officially explore a nuked-out, dilapidated Boston on their consoles and PCs. And if folks get bored enough, maybe they'll join in with the other players who've already hacked the free-to-play game.

Fallout Shelter is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Bethesda (via GameSpot)

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