Bungie will get back on a schedule of weekly Twitch streams where the developer will dive deeper into the art, lore, and design that goes into Destiny.

Earlier this year, Bungie revealed that a newly built Twitch studio now resided inside the Destiny developer’s Bellevue, Washington studio. In a time when fans were feeling a considerable lack of content, Bungie began a series of weekly Twitch streams. It was a way to explore more of the world and the development behind Destiny, and to try to keep a somewhat waning community involved.

Bungie’s Twitch streams came to a fever pitch with the weeks leading up to the April Update, which included reveals and previews of the major spring update to Destiny. Bungie’s streams went dark after the April Update launched, but the developer has revealed that the weekly ritual will continue soon.

Starting next Wednesday, May 11th, Bungie will take fans on a deeper dive into a variety of aspects of Destiny with the first stream focusing on the art and artists of Destiny:

“Years of hard work can follow a moment of inspiration. Relive the panel discussion we hosted at Emerald City ComiCon with the artists who created the original concepts that shaped the development of worlds, characters, and weapons in Destiny.”

Destiny: This is the Light Level for the King's Fall Raid - Oryx

The following week, Bungie will form its own raid group and jump into King’s Fall Hard Mode. The Taken King‘s raid might seem like an old hat by now for many fans, but it appears that the focus of this trip to Oryx’s throne room will focus on the lore behind Oryx and King’s Fall.

“Watch us confront our own demons. Bungie devs will face Oryx in his final form. A designer and a storyteller will provide expert commentary from the safety of a couch on the encounters and the lore that define the pinnacle experience in The Taken King.”

On the last Wednesday of the month, May 25th, Bungie will host another Ride Along, but this time instead of exploring one of the vast Patrol PvE spaces, the developers will be focusing on the Crucible and the maps where PvP battles take place:

“We’ve led architectural tours on every world in Destiny. But why no love for the competitive arenas? At long last, we’ll fire up a dev kit and fly though some of your favorite maps with the people who built them. Anticipate pro-tips and notes on creative process.”

Often these streams can be extremely light on anything about the future of the franchise, instead serving as a way for fans to understand more about Destiny. However, every so often some interesting tidbits will come from these streams, like when Bungie revealed the fate of the Queen of the Reef.

As always these streams will be available to watch on Bungie’s Twitch page.

Are you excited for Bungie’s Destiny streams this month? If so, which one are you looking forward to the most?

Source: Bungie