Mordhau Player Kicked by Developer for Beating Him in 1v1 Duel

mordhau developer kicks player 1v1

It’s one thing to be completely wrecked in a 1v1. It’s even worse when the opposing player is using a frying pan.

Mordhau is a medieval combat game that released earlier this year. The most notable mechanic of this game is that player skill is the most important factor, trumping even arms and armor. If one is good enough, they can outmatch even the most well-armed opponent with a lute.

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That’s exactly what happened when GIRU, one of Twitch’s top Mordhau players went toe-to-toe with Crush, one of Mordhau’s developers. What makes the match even more entertaining is that GIRU wielded a frying pan, wore peasant garb, and was even able to use the in-game system to spam screeching laughter during the entire match. His opponent? Decked to the nines in full plate armor, with a long polearm that one would think the reach would be an advantage. It's not something gamers would ever see For Honor's Wu Lin faction try to pull off.

In what was a swift and brutal match, GIRU successfully puts the frying pan in the way of every attack and counters every blow with impressive cookery-fu. After the fight, GIRU, smiling, says “GG.” A second later, he’s removed from the match with a notification screen that he’d been booted, eliciting howls of laughter from both GIRU and his Twitch chat.

mordhau sword fight

While Crush’s booting of GIRU was more a joke than actual rage, and a hilarious one at that, Mordhau is unfortunately renowned for having a shockingly toxic community. To be fair, every game has its share of toxic players, and not every Mordhau player is toxic, but Mordhau’s lack of moderation has led to a community unchecked in its behavior. To add to that, The developers were even quoted in an interview discussing the addition of a toggle so players only see white male characters. Though the developers later backpedaled on the statement it was still put out there, showcasing their lack of position on the racism rampant both in the game chat and on the forums.

The combat system in Mordhau is refreshingly skill-based, allowing players who put in the work to become nigh untouchable. Add to that the ability to build ballista and that’s a recipe for some truly epic gameplay. Unfortunately, like any business, it’s not the product but the customers that will make or break the company’s success and Mordhau’s player count has been in steady decline for the last few months.

Love or hate the game, Mordhau has potential to be amazing if the developers are able and willing to step in and manage their systems.

Mordhau is out now for PC.

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