Mordhau: How to Build Ballista

mordhau how to build ballista

Since its Steam release on April 29, multiplayer medieval hack 'n' slash game Mordhau has garnered tons of attention. Not only did it sell 200,000 copies within the first week, but it exceeded half a million copies by May 7, topping the Steam sales charts. In fact, its popularity peaked so quickly that independent developer Triternion apologized when its servers failed to sustain the influx of players at first, and for all of those checking out the newest medieval game, one of the biggest questions is how to build a ballista.

Mordhau has been praised for its fighting system, gameplay, and graphics, but that's not to say everything is straightforward, as its various gameplay systems require a little know-how to do properly. To build a ballista, a powerful piece of siege weaponry, players will need to pay attention to steps both in and out of a match where the loadout has to be adjusted and in-game items have to be grabbed.

First, Mordhau players have to equip the Toolbox, an item that allows players to craft defenses and items instead of joining the fight. This can be done by either selecting the Engineer class or equipping the Toolbox as the primary weapon, and oddly enough, the Toolbox is found in the Two-Handed Weapon section between the Executioner's Sword and Bardiche.

Once this is done, players will want to join a match, but they'll quickly notice that they can only build an arrowslit or a cheval de frise. The ballista is not an option at first, as players will need to find an ammo resupply box to unlock it. This will increase the player's ammo count to 6, allowing Mordhau players to finally build the ballista.

mordhau engineer ballista

However, it is worth highlighting that creating a ballista will eat up all the ammo that was just unlocked, so players will want to find a good, safe, and defensible position. And while there are tons of attractive ways to play Mordhau, including running around with a Lute and a Frying Pan, it remains to be seen if Mordhau can pass 1 million in sales like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, another medieval game.

Mordhau is out now for PC.

Source: vg247

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