New 'Moon Diver' Character & Story Details Released

Moon Diver Square Enix

Feelplus has teamed up with Square Enix to bring players Moon Diver, a side-scrolling action adventure game, to be released on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Originally to be released under the title, Necromachina, the game was supposed to come out in 2010, but was delayed and renamed.

Moon Diver was one of the last games Square Enix revealed at E3 2010 and was a bit of a surprise announcement. Kouichi Yotsui, who was reponsible for creating the Strider series, is heading the development of Moon Diver and it appears that it will be just as fast-paced and action packed if not more, based on the trailer for the game.

Check out the official trailer for Moon Diver:


Moon Diver is set in the year 2081 in Barcelona where Faust, the main antagonist in the game, wreaks total and utter havoc across Europe, with half of the country being destroyed.

Faust has taken control of a force that gives him the ability to give life to things that are absent of it, called Mephistopheles. With Mephistopheles under his control, Faust brings life to machines, buildings and entire civilizations, and transforms them into powerful monsters with the sole purpose wiping out mankind.

Moon Diver Faust

Players will be able to take control of a skilled group of ninja called Moon Divers who are tasked with the job of setting right what is wrong in the world.

Details on at least two of the Moon Divers have been released and the first up is Hitori, who is pictured below:

Moon Diver Hitori

Hitori, who originates from Tokyo, is an accountant who posses the blood of fairies within her. Fairies are known throughout the world in Moon Diver as savages of myth.

Seyfert is a high school student from Sweden, who is used to living a simple and normal life in a city designed to protect it's citizens from Faust's power.

Moon Diver Seyfert

Upon hearing and witnessing the destruction and suffering that Faust is causing, Seyfert is able to see within himself the true destiny that awaits him is standing up to Faust and ending his reign of terror.

Hopefully, Moon Diver won't see anymore delays before it's release and will be keeping it's current name.

Think Moon Diver will be met with success once it is released in Japan and North America? Is there anything that should be included in this game to warrant a purchase?

Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Moon Diver is scheduled to be released this Spring on the PSN and XBLA.

Source: Siliconera

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