More 'Moon Diver' Characters Revealed

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With Moon Diver releasing this spring, Square Enix has revealed more information about the characters of the game. In a great attempt to keep fans informed, the Square Enix Downloadable Games Facebook Page has been routinely posting new information on Moon Diver and now, beginning to talk about the gameplay.

Hitori, one of the Moon Divers who possesses fairy blood, can use CP (Custom Points) that are acquired in battles to become "more ferocious." Character customization will be utilized using CP that will allow players to increase their character's HP, MP or Power. Square Enix is soon planning to reveal what other customization elements are in the game.

Last week we talked about two members of the "Moon Diver" team as well as the central villain. Details on two additional Moon Divers and a former member, turned traitor have now been unveiled as well:

First up is Ourion, a Moon Diver that possesses the power of Green Lightning.

Moon Diver Ourion

Check out the description of Ourion, given by Square Enix:

"The prodigal son from an archipelago off the coast of Mozambique. Dragged away from his frontier jaunts by a family steward, he was ordered to defeat Faust the Demon King by the aged head of his family. He comes from a strong family tradition in which ancestors are thought to turn into spirits that will fight together with the living in the face of humankind’s destruction."

Moon Diver Tolby

Next is Tolby, who at first glance may confuse players that may be trying to figure out the character's gender with his androgynous looks.

Shiina, one of the assistant producers on Moon Diver describes Tolby as:

"A 14-year-old boy living in Naples. Intoxicated by his blossoming powers that grow on a daily basis, he runs all over Mount Vesuvius, prevails over the city Mafia, and sleeps off his efforts at the top of the cathedral. He’s obsessed with understanding where his powers come from, certain he must have them for a very important reason. Even in battles, he sometimes looks innocent like a little girl."

Moon Diver Silence

Lastly, there is Silence, the traitor who defected from the Moon Diver team.

Shiina describes Silence as someone who no one knows what side he is truly on, and adds:

"An assiduous Californian college student who works part-time while studying at Stanford Faculty of Engineering. But by night he’s a masterful ninja, running secret missions across the whole of America. From his espionage skills, he began to have doubts about the Faust war, and eventually quit. He turns into Black Silence and ensnares companions."

With additional details to be revealed in the coming days, Moon Diver is really starting to sound like an RPG that stands on its own in the JRPG genre. Will gamers end up feeling the same once the game is released?

Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Moon Diver is scheduled to be released this Spring on the PSN and XBLA.

Source: Square Enix

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