Monster Hunter XX Gets Switch Trailer

monster hunter xx switch trailer

After a brief announcement from Capcom that Monster Hunter XX would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, the company has now followed up with a trailer for the Japanese version of the game.

Monster Hunter XX will be the first game of the franchise on the Switch, continuing the series that is extremely popular in Japan. Monster Hunter combines the unforgiving combat of a game like Dark Souls with the creature collecting of a game like Pokemon.

This trailer is clearly for the Japanese version of the game, which right now is the only version since there is no announcement of an English localized version. However, it has never been easier for fans in the West to get their hands on a game like Monster Hunter XX. That's because the Nintendo Switch is not locked by region, allowing players to purchase the Japanese version and play it on any Switch regardless whether they live in Europe or North America. That goes for the physical game as well as the digital version, which can be easily purchased off the Switch's Japanese eShop.

monster hunter xx switch

The Switch and Monster Hunter could be a match made in beast-hunting heaven, combining the addictive gameplay of Monster Hunter with the on-the-go mobility of the Switch. It's clear others think so too, as Nintendo stocks soared after the announcement of the game coming to Nintendo's new console.

The trailer also reveals cross-save functionality between the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS, which will allow players who have a Monster Hunter XX save file on the 3DS to transfer their file to the Nintendo Switch. Cross-save also works in the opposite direction, allowing a save on the Switch to transfer back to the 3DS version.

The game will also be playable online and on local multiplayer with up to four people on the Switch, but as a bonus, the Switch and 3DS versions can connect online as well, so the game is fully cross play-enabled between the two systems.

Monster Hunter XX is an updated version of Monster Hunter X, which released as Monster Hunter Generations in the West. There is still the possibility of an English version of the game coming at some point in the future, but no announcements have been made.

Monster Hunter XX is launching for the Switch in Japan on August 25, 2017.

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