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The Monster Hunter franchise can be a bit of a tough sell to western gamers, but in Japan, the series is one of Capcom's most profitable and consistent IPs. Something about Monster Hunter's blend of Dark Souls-style unforgiving combat and its deep, Pokemon-esque bestiary has made the series a potent threat in Japan, where it consistently outperforms more globally successful games. Yet, as Monster Hunter continues to rise in popularity, Capcom's action RPG has begun to make inroads in the west as well, most recently with Monster Hunter Generations.

Now, a brief announcement from Capcom has indicated that Monster Hunter's aggressive evolution into a globally recognized and successful property will continue. The publisher confirmed a recent rumor about Monster Hunter's future today, stating that Monster Hunter XX, the updated version of Monster Hunter Generations, will also be coming to Nintendo's Switch console.

Capcom's announcement was brief, only revealing that Monster Hunter XX would be coming to the Switch. Presumably, the company will have much more to discuss about the series' move onto the Switch at a Monster Hunter event coming up this weekend in Japan, but for now, just knowing that Monster Hunter is coming to the Switch is enough to cause fans to speculate about the series' future, both in Japan and in the west.

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As it currently stands, Monster Hunter XX has yet to be localized in the west, despite the reasonable success of Monster Hunter Generations and XX's popularity in Japan. It's still unclear whether or not Monster Hunter XX will be localized, and whether or not that will be for a 3DS, Switch, or dual release - but Nintendo's decision to make the Switch region-free gives hardcore fans of the series the option to import Monster Hunter XX, if nothing else.

The move to the Switch is a natural one for the Monster Hunter series, which Capcom has been developing for mobile more recently in an effort to increase its appeal. The Switch's portability and positive reception worldwide makes it the perfect platform for Capcom to continue to expand Monster Hunter's reach, and hopefully for western gamers, that expansion includes a localized version of Monster Hunter XX on the Switch in the near future.

Monster Hunter XX is available now in Japan for Nintendo 3DS, with a Switch release coming at a later date.

Source: Capcom Japan

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