Monster Hunter World Xbox Matchmaking Fix in the Works


With record-breaking sales for the series and near-universal critical acclaim, the Monster Hunter World launch has almost gone off without a hitch. Unfortunately, online matchmaking issues have put a damper on the experience for Xbox One players. While these matchmaking issues have persisted, we now know that a fix is in the works.

In an effort to fix the ongoing matchmaking issues with the Xbox One version of Monster Hunter World, Capcom is working closely with Microsoft. The two companies are collaborating on a patch that will be tested and then deployed "as soon as possible," though an exact time fans can expect the matchmaking issues to be fixed hasn't been announced yet.

It's unfortunate that Monster Hunter World players on Xbox One can't properly utilize the game's matchmaking features at this time. However, that doesn't mean they can't access the game's online functionality at all. Players can still start their own online sessions and invite friends to their hunts, as well as have other players search for their sessions using the Session ID feature.

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However, joining friends in online co-op is actually easier said than done. Players have to jump through some hoops to play online co-op in Monster Hunter World, as the game doesn't allow players to join friends on main story missions where they haven't already seen all the cut-scenes. This can be frustrating for some, though those only focused on completing optional quests and investigations shouldn't have too much trouble (assuming they're the correct Hunter Rank).

In the meantime, the PS4 version of the game doesn't seem to be having the same issues. It will be interesting to see if Capcom or Microsoft explains why the Xbox One version of the game has struggled compared to its PS4 counterpart.

Regardless of what's causing these issues, here's hoping Monster Hunter World players on Xbox One don't have to wait too much longer to enjoy the game's matchmaking features.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for later this year.

Source: USgamer

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