Monster Hunter World 'Can't Be Done on Switch'


Monster Hunter fans who own a Switch have been wondering if they will be able to play the latest game in the series, Monster Hunter World, on Nintendo's newest console. Now it seems that hope of a Switch port is unrealistic.

At a recent shareholder meeting, when asked about Monster Hunter World and if it would come to the Switch, Capcom said "it can't be done on the Switch." So it seems there will not be a port of the game coming to the Nintendo console. However, it does seem that the company will be looking toward developing a Monster Hunter title that will be for the Switch.

As of now, it hasn't been stated why Monster Hunter World wouldn't work on the Switch, though it could be a variety of reasons. Some of these could include things like hardware limitations, with the Switch possibly not being powerful enough to run the game as intended. It may be that Capcom would rather provide a game in the series that is optimized for the Switch as opposed to having to water down the experience just to get it to run on the console.

Things aren't all bad for Monster Hunter fans who only own a Switch, though. The console will be getting a port of Monster Hunter XX, which was on the 3DS  in Japan. The port will be titled Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and is set to release at the end of August 2018. Those who owned and played Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS will be able transfer their save files to the new game from their 3DS. The game will also be getting some upgrades, featuring HD visuals and all previously released content, as well as new G-Rank quests and two new Guild Styles.

Nothing else was said regarding Capcom's plans for a Monster Hunter game being developed specifically with the Switch in mind. The company will more than likely make an announcement once something gets off the ground and it has something to show off.

Monster Hunter World is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One with a PC release expected this fall.

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