For those who can’t get enough of the Poogie the pig in Monster Hunter World, we’ve got some tips on how to dress up the little porker in a variety of adorable costumes.

Veteran players will know Poogie well, as the sweet swine has made an appearance in every Monster Hunter title to date. For those unfamiliar, think of Poogie as Monster Hunter World‘s official mascot. While he doesn’t serve any important purpose, befriending Poogie will occasionally grant Hunters items, as well as give them the ability to dress him in cute get-ups.

How to Befriend Poogie

In Monster Hunter World, the first step in building Poogie’s wardrobe is getting him to like you. The beginning of the relationship is a little rocky, but if players make a habit of giving him a pet between every hunt, he will eventually warm up to you.

To do this correctly, pet him and wait for an exclamation mark to appear, then press Circle and he will leap into the air, bursting with hearts. Once he’s grown fond of a player, he will begin greeting them whenever they arrive back in Astera.

Now that you have a piggy pal, feel free to pick him up and carry him around the village. At certain locations, the controller will vibrate, indicating something is there. Set Poogie down and he will dig up a variety of items. If the vibration function is not on, simply look for Poogie wiggling around in your arms, as that is another indicator.

Where to Hunt for Costumes

poogie fifth costume monster hunter world capcom

Once Hunters and Poogie are tight, it’s time to hunt for costumes. Keep in mind, however, that players can’t claim all the costumes in a single go, as one will need to go on a hunt between every search.

The first one is located in the northwest corner of the biologist area, right in front of the stone slab. There, Poogie will find the White Jammies. The next costume is located in front of the pond, by the botanist. Place Poogie next to the Scout Fly lamp and he will discover the Hog in a Frog costume.

Up next is the Apprentice Fiver outfit, which is located next to the Commander’s table. Set Poogie down in front of the white flag, next to the huntsman. The last outfit is a bit out of the way. Travel through the workshop, up the stairs, and out the back. Continue up the stairs, all the way to the top, until reaching a viewing platform. Set Poogie down there and he will bring players the Emperor’s New Duds costume.

In other Monster Hunter news, Capcom is offering a reward for finding real-life monsters. As part of a marketing campaign in the UK, the developer has put up a cash reward for anyone who can prove the existence of one of ten famous, mythical beasts, which include creatures like the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, and Bigfoot. While “evidence” is surely being submitted, it’s a safe bet that none of them will be confirmed as verifiable proof.

Xbox One owners will soon see a fix to the matchmaking issues currently afflicting their version of the game. Capcom has been working closely with Microsoft on a patch, and the two companies have promised to deploy a solution as soon as possible. Unfortunately, no estimated time was disclosed on when that would be.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for later this year.

Source: Arekkz Gaming – YouTube