Monster Hunter World is that special kind of game that sort of feels like it will never end. There are countless bars to fill up, items to obtain or craft, and a never-ending list of creatures to hunt down. The end-game is incredibly deep and, with the help of occasional content updates, players could be living in this world for years. Although the grind may never really end, there is a ceiling when it comes to hunter ranks.

Hunter Rank is basically Monster Hunter World’s stand-in for character level and players can advance through the ranks by completing quests. To give a bit of reference, players are capped at HR 15 until they complete the main story. After the credits roll, there is room to advance again and many players use this grind as their main indication of progress. After just a few weeks, one player seems to have already made it all the way up to 999. Yeah, you read that correctly. Three nines.

It’s hard to say if this is a world first, or just the first person to brag about it on the internet, but either way, we’re pretty jealous of this badge…


999 was the HR cap in previous Monster Hunter games, but up until this point nobody had confirmed that was the case in MHW. According to the player who shared this badge, it sounds like the tradition holds true and 999 is the end of the HR rank once again.

It’s a little hard to imagine how many hours the player must have sunk into the game already to reach that rank, but clearly they aren’t messing around. Hopefully we’ll hear more from them in the coming days and learning what strategy they used to reach max rank so quickly.

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Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases this fall.

Source: imgur