Monster Hunter World Player Beats Tough Boss in Under a Minute

Monster Hunter World's Nergigante is Vulnerable to Thunder

Monster Hunter: World player has managed to take down one of the game's most difficult monsters in an astonishing amount of time.

YouTube user Amulet posted a video of their character (also named Amulet) utterly destroying the Elder Dragon Nergigante in under a minute, making it look like a total chump. It's an impressive feat, considering the monster in question. What's even more impressive is they did it solo.

Anyone who has played Monster Hunter: World knows the challenge that Nergigante poses. While Zorah Magdaros is technically the first Elder Dragon players encounter, Nergigante is the first Elder Dragon players must actually hunt. It's no pushover, but you would never know that from seeing this video. Armed with a bow and an armor set complimenting the weapon, Amulet strides right into Nergigante's lair, challenges the beast, and takes it down in less than a minute.

It's not exactly a riveting encounter, as Amulet utilizes the same moves over and over to bombard the Elder Dragon with attacks, but it's effective. The amount of critical hits she unleashes with her bow is staggering, and she manages to knock off both of its horns within seconds of the fight, which is difficult even for a full party. Nergigante has no time to respond to the onslaught and you almost feel sorry for the creature.

And speaking of bows, Capcom has recently announced dates and details on how players will can unlock Aloy's bow and armor in Monster Hunter: World. The crossover items will be available on February 25 and will involve a quest called 'The Proving', which is also the name of an important quest from Horizon: Zero Dawn. According to the information given by Capcom, players will be tasked with hunting an Anjanath, one of the first really difficult monsters encountered in the game.

For a good idea of what to bring to the fight with the Anjanath, as well as how best to take down the numerous other monsters found in Monster Hunter: World, check out our guide on every monster weakness in the game. It's even alphabetized for your convenience.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will release later in the fall.

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