With tough bosses like Xeno’jiva and many more populating the landscape of Monster Hunter World, it’s no wonder why Capcom’s action role-playing game is garnering tons of fans who are flocking to the title in order to experience its challenging gameplay. Speaking of arduous battles in MHW, one intrepid player decided to kick the difficulty against the mythical monster Kirin up a notch by taking on and defeating the creature without the use of armor.

As seen below in the video from the YouTuber and Monster Hunter World fan known as AkantoreX, the would-be hunter – armed with nothing more than a vicious-looking spiked hammer – goes in bare bones against Kirin, and begins bringing the pain almost immediately after laying eyes on the creature. While defeating the Elder Dragon solo without wearing any armor is definitely impressive, the fact that AkantoreX managed to beat the beast in a little under six and a half minutes is just as laudable.

Since Monster Hunter World‘s release just several weeks ago, many diehard fans of the action-RPG have been consistently upping the ante when it comes to nearly unthinkable feats of triumph against the game’s unforgiving Elder Dragons. For instance, the incredibly skilled player named Amulet beat Nergigante in just under a minute without the assistance of any fellow hunters to fell the menacing beast.

Taking all of this into consideration, AkantoreX, Amulet, and other burly hunters of their ilk should be commended for their dedication to showing other players how to fearlessly tackle Monster Hunter World‘s formidable foes. As the weeks press on, it’s safe to presume that we will continue to see even more fans of the game find ways to test themselves and their skills with increasingly difficult speedruns and self-imposed limitations.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will launch in fall 2018 for PC.

Source: AkantoreX – YouTube