Monster Hunter World Iceborne Brings Back Rajang as Free DLC

monster hunter world iceborne adds rajang

As the upcoming expansion Monster Hunter World: Iceborne looms on the horizon, just days away from release, Capcom has begun to give players a taste of what they can expect from upcoming DLC. A new monster will join the game soon that Monster Hunter super-fans may already know.

At the end of this week, Iceborne will come to Monster Hunter World. Fans of the game have waited a while for some new stuff to check out, and Iceborne, which rivals the size of the base game, will give players plenty of beasts to sink their swords into. Despite that, Capcom has announced a newcomer that they will add for free after the expansions launches.

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The monster, called Rajang, has appeared in the series on and off since all of the way back in 2006, when it showed up on the PS2 in Monster Hunter 2. Now, players will have the chance to take it on once again in Iceborne. Rajang looks like an enormous, towering ape, with a grisly face that features a gigantic pair of ram horns jutting out in opposite directions. The menacing beast looks like it could make the list of Monster Hunter World's most powerful enemies and the trailer announces a window for when the new monster will drop.

Players won't have to wait long to tackle the towering beast. The trailers announces that Rajang will appear in Iceborne in October, which means that many players will not have even scratched the surface of the massive expansion by the time the new monster hits. Rajang is known for its mobility and aggression, making it a tough monster to avoid. The trailer shows him thrashing around wildly and keeping the player on their toes.

Rajang isn't the only returning monster. Capcom recently announced that series favorite Zinogre will also return in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Unfortunately, while the trailer for Zinogre provided fans with a lot of details about the beast, the Rajang reveal holds its card to its chest. It seems the developers don't want to go beyond teasing the returning monster at this point, so fans will have to try to infer its moveset based on its appearances in other games.

Iceborne launches very soon and has already provided a whole breadth of details about the monsters, armor, and location that players will find in the game. Those who have spend hundreds of hours on the base game should have no hesitations at this point about picking up the expansion and getting a chance to return to the glorious world of Monster Hunting.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne releases on September 6 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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