Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Complete the Golden Gleam Achievement

The Golden Macaque players need to catch for the Golden Gleam Achievement

In the newest expansion for Monster Hunter World, called Iceborne, players were introduced to the icy cold Hoarfrost Reach. It's filled with some of the biggest, scariest things ever seen in World, which is say quite a bit. But while players are hunting Hoarfrost Reach for the newest monsters from Monster Hunter World Iceborne like Barioth and Velkhana, they'll also want to keep an eye out for the Golden Macaque. This elusive little critter will unlock the Golden Gleam Achievement for anyone who is able to catch it.

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Hunting the Monkey

While some players have been lucky enough to catch this little golden critter while they are out and about in Hoarfrost doing other things, most will have to farm to find him. In preparation for heading out into the snow, monster hunters will need to do a few things first to get ready. Players will have to be extra sneaky to be able to grab this very skittish little guy because it will run at any sign of danger. Considering how many new monsters inhabit Hoarfrost Reach, it's hard to blame it!

In view of this, leaving one's Palico at home is the best idea when farming for this catch. They move unexpectedly and startle the Golden Macaque before players get a chance to grab it. Also, players wearing the Ghillie Mantle from the first Tobi-Kadachi quest will gain some extra sneaky abilities to help out. After sneaking up behind it, players will need to use their Capture Nets to nab it.

Where to Find the Golden Macaque

Players will need the Iceborne Expansion first and foremost. The Golden Macaque will only show up in Hoarfrost Reach around hot springs where its other monkey pals are also hanging out.

There are two hot spring locations; the first is a little east of the center of Area 6, and the second is the southern-most part of Area 2. Walk carefully within line of sight of the hot springs, then pull out binoculars to see if the Golden Macaque is there. Its fur is distinctively gold, so players shouldn't have any trouble identifying it at a distance. The Golden Macaque won't be in the area every time, so players may need to fast travel from the area and back to reset the critters.

As soon as a Golden Macaque is spotted, keep an eye on it. Sneak forward slowly with the Ghillie Mantle on only when the monkey is looking away. Hold completely still as soon as it turns back around. While this isn't the hardest quest in Monster Hunter World, it will take a lot of patience to nab this thing, so don't be surprised if it takes a few tries to get it. As soon as it is caught, the Golden Gleam achievement should appear on the screen.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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