Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Get Monster Toughbone

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne is out, and hunters are already out there looking for the best loot and powerful weapons in the game that have been added with the new expansion. As always, Monster Hunter World Iceborne requires players to grind for different loot that can be used to create powerful gear and weapons. Crafting has always been a core part of the Monster Hunter franchise; however, in order to craft items, players need to hunt monsters and wish to find the exact drops that are required to craft a specific item. In the beginning, it can be quite challenging to craft powerful items if players don’t know where to look for the loot.

This guide will come in handy for those who want to find the Monster Toughbone item, which is one of the most popular items out there. Monster Toughbone is a Master Rank drop available from the new hunts. Most of the starting sets in Monster Hunter World Iceborne require this particular loot including Uragaan, Anjanath, Frozen Speartuna Great Sword, and many other items. With the right strategy and a bit of grinding, it can be quite easy to get the Monster Toughbone.

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How to Get Monster Toughbone in Iceborne

Monster Toughbone drops from Iceborne's new monsters like the Master Rank Great Jagras and Kulu-Ya-Ku. Apart from that, the Viper Tobi-Kadachi quest can also drop the item, but that can be a bit challenging if players are looking to farm the monster, so it’s easier to fight Great Jagras and Kulu-Ya-Ku to farm this particular item. Keep in mind that the drop chances of Monster Toughbone are not as high, so players might have to grind for quite a bit of time to get this Master Rank item.

Farming The Great Jagras

It’s better to farm Great Jagras as it’s one of the easiest monsters to kill in the game. Great Jagras can be found in the Ancient Forest map hunting for its prey, but players will have to track it down. It’s weak to both Thunder and Fire, so weapons like the Thunder Lance or Wyvern Blade are recommended.

When fighting the Great Jagras, it’s recommended to always aim for the head as repeated heavy blows to the monster’s head will stun it and make it easier for the hunters to defeat this behemoth. Heavy weapons like the Switch Axe or Hammer are great for bashing the monster’s head while faster weapons can be used to attack it from the sides. Ultimately, getting the Monster Toughbone is all about farming and grinding, so it's time to head out and hunt.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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