Monster Hunter World Iceborne Trailer Reveals Elder Dragon Battle

iceborne elder dragon fight

The upcoming Monster Hunter World Iceborne will feature an icy new location for the game with an enormous elder dragon for players to conquer. A new trailer shows off that dragon, Velkhana, and some of the new weapons that players will use to take it down.

The elder dragon Velkhana will present a towering icy challenge for the player. The creature features sharp, feather-like icicles at the ends of its wings and a crown of ice on its head. With powerful attacks and chilling icy breath, the blue and white beast looks like a menacing challenge for any Monster Hunter World hunter.

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The trailer also reveals some of the ways players will work together to take down the ferocious beast. Iceborne features large weapons like canons and mounted gatling guns to help best the foe.

The battle with Velkhana shown off in the trailer takes place in multiple locations, teasing a long and drawn out, possibly multi-stage fight. It begins inside of a huge arena-like area with some of the world’s inhabitants helping out with the fight. This area looks like the new outpost, Seliana, that will feature in the game. The battle also appears to partially take place in an icy cave, with frozen structures all around. This feels more in keeping with traditional Monster Hunter World encounters.

The Iceborne update will include a whole new region and an expanded story. The new region will add the aforementioned outpost Seliana, which has a more primitive feel than the old outpost Astera due to the fact that region has just recently been settled. The settlement reportedly lies on the outer reaches of the world.

The story for the expansion will follow the hunters as they move to this new settlement in order to offer aid. Monsters have begun migrating there for some unknown reason, and with the up-and-coming civilization’s lack of resources, the hunters must help out in the fight against this growing threat.

As far as new monsters go Elder Dragon Velkhana looks pretty terrifying. Capcom has teased that the Iceborne expansion will grow Monster Hunter World immensely, with Velkhana a part of that growth. Hopefully this new creature prove formidable foes for skilled hunters when the expansion drops in a few weeks.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne will release on September 6th on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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