Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Find Zinogre

monster hunter world iceborne zinogre

The new expansion to Monster Hunter World, Iceborne, provides a wealth of new content for those who want a refreshed experience of the game. Iceborne adds a huge array of new monsters, among which the Zinogre stands out as an exceptional challenge.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne adds a lot of new content, but Zinogre, the thunder wolf wyvern, is only available in the Guiding Lands. Players must complete a considerable amount of content before even seeing this high-level monster.

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The first step is, of course, accessing Iceborne. However, players will not encounter Zinogre during the DLC’s main story. After the end credits players will be able to begin their journey to find it. This shouldn’t be a surprise to those who have played Monster Hunter World before, as there is more content after the game “ends” than there is during its main story.

Going to the Guiding Lands

After the credits roll, players must talk to the Field Team Leader in Seliana. Players will prepare to follow a Ruiner Nergigante, then depart to Elder’s Recess with a group of NPCs. The Handler will lead players through the Guiding Lands, where there will be a stunning cutscene to introduce the Zinogre.

Tracking Zinogre

Upon returning to the Guiding Lands, players will have a progress marker for “Fanged Wyvern Analysis.” Players must complete their analysis in order to lure out the Zinogre.

Breaking monster parts is the primary method for gaining analysis progress. Each monster found in the Guiding Lands will provide some analysis progress when one of its parts is broken off in combat. This only works once per individual monster, however, so it may be prudent to switch it up and fight another target once a part breaks. Fanged wyverns like Girros and Great Jagras provide extra progress when their parts are broken. Killing monsters in the Guiding Lands only provides a random chance of unlocking new tracks, so it is not the most efficient method.

There are also tracks that indicate “Signs of a Turf War.” Players who collect these tracks will either gain progress, or be led to new special tracks for analysis. These tracks often appear in the same places throughout the map.

Lure Out Zinogre and Fight It

Once all of the analysis progress is complete, players can talk to the Handler at camp. This will give the option to lure out Zinogre to an area of the player's choosing. Fighting the Zinogre is tough, and players will likely need to have some of the best weapons in Monster Hunter on hand. Even after luring the Zinogre out, players will not yet have optional quests to find it. To fight it again, players must pick up its tracks and unlock Investigations, or capture it to fight it in the Special Arena.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and will be coming to PC in 2020.

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