Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Find Rare Endemic Life


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne provides hours of new content for Monster Hunter fans. Iceborne refreshes Monster Hunter World by adding new areas, monsters, and mechanics for players to master.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, like the base game, includes endemic life other than monsters that can be captured for achievements, trophies, or just for fun. Many of these creatures only appear under very specific circumstances, dependent on time of day, weather, and other factors. Just as Iceborne adds new gear for the base game too, it adds new Rare Endemic Life to its own areas as well as old areas in the base game.

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Before starting to collect endemic life, players must first access Iceborne. After this, it is best to speak to the Endemic Life Researcher and the Piscene Researcher to accept the bounties that they provide. This will allow players to receive the rewards for the bounties at the same time as completing the Goldspring Macaque and Sealord’s Crest achievements.

Use Felyne Zoomaster

The Felyne Zoomaster Food Skill makes Rare Endemic Life Spawn at a higher rate. This can only be activated by meals with Trailblazer food items. Hoarfrost Reach provides gathering locations for Butterbur and Frozen Foliage. Completing Canteen Quests and Deliveries will also provide ingredients.

Before heading out, players should spend a voucher to activate the skill and make sure that gathering points for Upsurge-Only drops are Flourishing or on an Upsurge on the world map.

Goldspring Macaque: Golden Gleam

The Goldspring Macaque can be easily captured during the Pearl Snatchers Event Quest. If it spawns, it will appear in Area 2 of Hoarfrost Reach during the daytime. It will be on a rock platform in the middle of the hot spring.

The Golden Macaque players need to catch for the Golden Gleam Achievement

Arrowhead Gekko: Friendly Pointer

Arrowhead Gekko can appear in every map, but almost always shows up in the Lord of the Underworld Beckons Event Quest. In Area 10, if players stay to the left wall with a Ghillie Mantle on, the Gekko should appear. If followed, it will point towards an Underground Fruit gathering spot. It can also be captured outside of the Event Quest in the same area, but sometimes may not appear.

Blue Diva: Sweet Melody

The Blue Diva occasionally appears at the top of Wildspire Waste in Area 5. During daytime and clear weather, it may be perched near a nest beneath the peak of the hill. If startled, it will begin to fly around to try to avoid the player. It flies in circles, so players should be able to capture it in midair relatively easily after a few tries. It can also spawn in the Ancient Forest and Coral Highlands.

Sealord's Crest: Submerged Mystery

This rare fish can be captured at nighttime in Area 8 of the Hoarfrost Reach. The Piscene Researcher gives the player some hints, but these can safely be ignored in favor of this preferable location. It spawns relatively frequently in the lake of Area 8, and can be lured with Baitbugs.

Wintermoon Nettle: Celestial Illusion

The Wintermoon Nettle only appears at the summit of Hoarfrost Reach. It will only appear on clear nights when Moon Slugs aren’t inhabiting the surrounding caves. It can be easily spotted from the Northeast Camp, after which players can make their way to the mountain and try to catch it. The Wintermoon Nettle will eventually circle around to the peak of the mountain, where it can be captured.

Moly and Rocky Moly: Deft Digger and Creatures of the Earth

Moly must be tracked down in each of the four regions of the Guiding Lands, areas with content after Iceborne's main story. However, Moly do not usually appear when large monsters or Grimalkynes are present.

Moly will spawn in Area 6 of the Forest Region, near the northern exit of the area. They appear in Area 8 of the Wildspire Region, above the large slope. They can also be found in the Coral Region’s Area 10, near the fishing spot. Moly spawn in Area 12 of the Rotten Region, blending in to the yellow plants atop a pile of bones. Rocky Moly appear with the others, but have a helmet. They are all skittish, so a having a ghillie mantle is a must.

Hunters look up.

These examples of Rare Endemic Life are just one of the many ways that Iceborne expands on the base game and adds new content beyond it. There is a whole slew of new monsters in Iceborne, and an entirely new story adventure.

However, Iceborne is an expansion meant to be experienced on top of the base game. It provides a lot of challenges far beyond even the high-level monsters of the base game. Better equipment is required in Iceborne, so players will be better off familiarizing themselves with the base game before starting out.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and will be coming to PC in 2020.

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