Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Best Weapons for Raw Damage

Whether it's for completing new hunts, grinding for better gear, or for the inevitable sense of accomplishment, Monster Hunter World players will want the best Iceborne armor and weapons they can get their hands on. Indeed, the massive expansion has seen a major shake-up in a ton of gear, with new weapons coming out on top for dealing raw damage.

The new top tier weapon set in Monster Hunter World's Iceborne expansion belongs to the Acidic Glavenus family. Each weapon of its type has the highest raw damage output, as well as a hidden element on each weapon. Seemingly, the only drawback that each weapon has is a low Sharpness trait, meaning they wear out quicker than other weapons.

For example, the Master Rank Charge Blade is known as The Melting Grasp and has a 1044 raw damage combined with 270 hidden paralysis. Iceborne's Master Rank hammer, The Grinding Mallet, has raw damage of 1508, and this is consistent among other Master Rank weapons. So, those who prefer a certain weapon type, continue reading for the Acidic Glavenus weapons of each type.

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Every Acidic Glavenus Master Rank Weapon in Iceborne

Long Sword: Acid Scimitar II (957 Raw Damage/380 Paralysis)

Great Sword: Acidic Shredder II (1392 Raw Damage/420 Paralysis)

Dual Blades: The Stripping Shears (406 Raw Damage/210 Paralysis)

Sword and Shield: Acid Razor II (406 Raw Damage/210 Paralysis)

Switch Axe: Acid Smasher II (1015 Raw Damage/390 Paralysis)

Charge Blade: The Melting Grasp (1044 Raw Damage/270 Paralysis)

Hammer: The Grinding Mallet (1508 Raw Damage/330 Paralysis)

Hunting Horn: The Rasping Ballad (1392 Raw Damage/330 Paralysis)

Lance: The Solvent Spindle (667 Raw Damage/330 Paralysis)

Gunlance: Acid Buster II (667 Raw Damage/330 Paralysis)

Insect Glaive: The Tricking Spiral (899 Raw Damage/210 Paralysis)

Bow: Acidic Arrow II (312 Raw Damage/180 Thunder)

Light Bowgun: Acid Blitz II (325 Raw Damage/Wyvernblast)

How To Beat Acidic Glavenus

To craft most of these weapons, Monster Hunter World players will need drops from the Acidic Glavenus like its Hardfang, Spineshell, and Glavenus Mantle. Beating it, like all MHW monsters, requires a little patience. Watch out for the tail and try mounting it as much as possible in order to grind out this new gear.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and will be coming to PC in 2020.

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