Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Beat Barioth

Barioth fron Monster Hunter Iceborne

Monster Hunter World is an action-packaged hack and slash that has taken the world by storm. While the previous Monster Hunter games haven't been as popular, World sold more than 13 million copies.

Admittedly, many of those players likely put down their copy after a few months of thinning the massive monster population, but the new Iceborne expansion should make them want to dust their copies off and dive back in (since it's been a while, check out our Monster Hunter World: Iceborne How to Start Guide). Iceborne is a massive expansion that adds tons of new fights and amazing monsters. One such behemoth is the very difficult and incredibly powerful Barioth.

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4 How to Get the Quest

Playing offline? This bad beast is quite the monster, so offline players will have to reach five-star town quests first before they'll even get the quest to fight him. In the "Cha-Cha's Ancient Mask" request, turn in two Lagiacrus Scales, one Sharqskin, and four Pelagicite Ore. This should unlock the quest to battle Barioth.

Playing online? Unlocking the three-star quests (HR18+) will open up the Barioth quest.

Once players have the quest to battle the beast, they shouldn't have too much of a problem finding Barioth. It's not in one of the many hidden locations in Monster Hunter World, but right out in the open, in Hoarfrost Reach.

Barioth fron Monster Hunter Iceborne

3 The Low Down on Barioth

Icy Barioths were pretty scary and hard to fight in Monster Hunter 3, and they are even meaner in World. While Barioth is just one of the new Monster Hunter Iceborne expansion monsters players will be battling, it is extremely difficult and has some pretty scary resistances. As a resident of Hoarfrost Reach, the Barioth is an ice monster, making fire the most effective weapon against it. Here's how Barioth's other elemental weaknesses and ailments break down:

BEST: Fire: 3/5

WORST: Water: 0/5

WORST: Ice: 0/5

Thunder: 2/5

Dragon: 1/5

Poison: 2/5

Sleep: 2/5

Paralysis: 2/5

Blast: 2/5

Stun: 2/5

The Barioth's tail is severable, and the weakest point is the head. The head and forelegs are also breakable areas. If players break the head, they will receive additional loot.

The rewards for defeating Barioth include: Barioth Cortex, Barioth Thickfur, Barioth Hardclaw, Barioth Greatspike, Barioth Lash, Large Wyvern Gem, Cryo Sac, and Amber Hardfang (if the head is broken).

2 What to Bring Along to the Fight

Like many of Monster Hunter's biggest and scariest monsters, Barioth doesn't have very many weaknesses. There are two main things to focus on, however, and those are ice and fire. Anything that will boost resistance to ice attacks or add fire to attacks will be beneficial for this very difficult fight.

First and foremost, hunters will want some Hot Drinks to fight off the cold. Next, wear the heartiest ice-resistant armor that money and monster bits can buy. Anything that will help to keep out the cold will help to make this monster a bit easier to kill. Banbaro's Master Rank armor set offers some ice protection, but Orion Alpha, Sakura Alpha, and Kushala Gamma/Beta/Alpha sets all also offer fantastic ice resist.

Even the Guardian Armor boasts some ice resistance, but it may not be enough for this beast. An Evasion Mantle and any potions that will up defenses or evasion will also benefit players during this fight.

Barioth fron Monster Hunter Iceborne

So what about weapons? Long swords, insect glaives, or great swords will give the weapon length needed to get those attacks into Barioth's guard. While any fiery weapon will do, the Firedance Rathmaul insect glaive is one of the best. It's super resource intensive, so if players can't afford one, just grab the best weapon available that will do some fire damage. Equipping Palicos with Flashfly Cage is a must for this fight.

1 Beating Barioth in Monster Hunter

The first thing players should do is damage those wings. Using Clutch Claw, aim for the wings and take them out as soon as possible. Players will immediately notice how unbelievably fast Barioth is, and getting rid of its wings will not only put it off balance, but will slow its attacks down to a manageable level. This will take a long time, but it will be worth it since breaking the head is a must.

With the Palico helping out with its Flashfly Cage, players should be able to knock the Barioth off its game long enough to sever its tail, break its head, and slay it without faitning in the process. This fight will be long and arduous, but worth it once all the loot starts pouring in. This fight is hard but incredibly cool; challenging and interesting fights like these are why Monster Hunter World Iceborne has received high praise from all the critics.

Monster Hunter World is available for PS4, XBoxOne, and Steam.

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