Although most Monster Hunter World players will be pretty satisfied with their builds by the time they reach the endgame, there is always room to improve. They can specialize gear and weapons towards specific monster targets or even seek out the right combination of decorations/jewels to slot in their armor, but the real endgame grind is augmenting.

As we have previously revealed in our Monster Hunter World augmenting guide, the key to augmenting armor is collecting streamstones of a specific type. Armor only needs basic streamstones (or streamstone shards) while weapons need hero or warrior streamstones of that specific weapon class.

However, some players might have plenty of streamstones in their inventory and wonder why Monster Hunter World won’t let them augment their armor. The problem lies in the way the system is designed and unfortunately unlocking augmenting requires a lot of luck and likely a lot of grinding.

The game doesn’t tell the player, but in order to unlock augmenting at the Smithy, the player needs to get one of the hero or warrior streamstones. It doesn’t matter what weapon class the streamstone is tied to, just earning a weapon streamstone will do the trick. Then, when the player visits the Smithy, he should have an option to ‘Augment’ and then weapons or armor can be upgraded.

It’s an odd limitation and one that Monster Hunter World doesn’t make apparent. What’s more, it means that players won’t really be able to unlock until they hit Hunter Rank 30, which requires completing the dual tempered Bazelgeuse hunt.

After completing the hunt, players will unlock Threat Level 2 tempered investigations, which have a chance of rewarding warrior streamstones. It’s a small chance, though, and most of the investigations will typically reward basic streamstones or lower.

Players can increase their chance of getting warrior streamstones and unlock the chance to get hero streamstones with Threat Level 3 tempered investigations. These are the exclusive tempered elder dragon investigations and require completing the tempered Kirin hunt.

If players really want the quickest route to unlocking weapon or armor augmenting they should focus on the tempered elder dragon investigations. They have the best chance for the higher rarity streamstones and they drop plenty of useful decorations as well. Chances are players want to augment rarity 8 weapons anyway and those require hero streamstones.

Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases later this year.