Monster Hunter World is full of tasks for players to tackle and offers a lot of freedom when it comes to the order in which players want to get to each chore. Unfortunately, sometimes all of that freedom can make it difficult to decide which quests will unlock which upgrades.

At some point in the game, Monster Hunter World players are going to run out of available slots at the farm (or the biological research facility if you’re feeling fancy). Not to worry though, there’s a pretty straightforward process for accessing additional slots if you know which quests to focus on.

Here’s a walkthrough of exactly how to unlock those additional slots…

Second Slot

First, players need to gain access to four star quests. Once that tier has been reached, players need to check out the four star optional quests and begin the one called Persistent Pests.

Slay the 14 monsters for the quest (this is pretty easy) and then turn it in. After completion, there will be a quick cutscene of the area being upgraded. At this point, the second slots will be available.


Third Slot

For the third slot, players will need access to seven star optional quests. Pick up the Talons of Ire and Ice quest and complete the more difficult task. When this is turned in, there will be another cutscene and the area will be upgraded a second time, which unlocks the third and final slot.

That’s all there is to it. Check out our other Monster Hunter World guides and happy hunting!

Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will launch at some point in autumn 2018 for PC.