Monster Hunter World: How to Find Rathian Tracks

Monster Hunter World's Complex Weapon System

Before players can start hunting many large beasts, like the fearsome Nergigante, in Monster Hunter World, they'll need to first complete objectives and quests which introduce them to the creature in question. Many times, these tasks involve utilizing environmental clues to track them in the world. While the simplest solution is to find footprints or other clues that monsters leave behind, sometimes there's a better way to get the job done. This is especially true for a quest involving Rathian, a small and spiky dragon capable of using fire and poison to ruin a hunter's day.

Before embarking on this quest, players first need to achieve high rank in Monster Hunter World. This comes naturally while playing through the main story quests and once the main boss is defeated, the game opens up, even more, offering new gear, better crafting materials, a greater challenge, and more quests to undertake. One of the first new quests high-rank hunters can undertake involves uncovering Rathian tracks in the world.

Players can do this through a number of different ways through Investigations, optional quests, or expeditions. While exploring an area on an expedition gives players unlimited time to search for tracks, the progress bar moves much, much slower. However, tackling this objective while on an optional quest or investigation, the process moves at a much more accelerated rate, especially following a successful mission. Therefore, players should pair this investigation with easier optional missions as not only can better progress be gained during the hunt, but a successful mission also greatly speeds this along as well. The good news is that this technique can be used again when new tracking style quests come up for more monsters later on.

While Monster Hunter World is one of the more player-friendly entries in the long-running and massively popular franchise, first-time players may be overwhelmed by the amount of information the game throws at them. Whether playing the game solo or online with a group of fellow hunters, we've created a guide filled with tips and tricks for novice players. Players will discover topics centred around many core aspects of the game from hunting and resource gathering, to the importance of crafting as well.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for later this year.

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