Players seem to be enjoying Monster Hunter World since its release this past month, however, beating the final monster in the game can be difficult and lengthy, but there are some tricks to hunt this monster and save some time.

Reddit user JFW0RD pointed out some tips to beat Xeno’jiva at the end of Monster Hunter World. After players are able to take down the beast the first time, there is a two-quest opportunity to take down the monster a second time. In doing this, players have a bigger chance at getting better weapons and armor. Doing this a second time can seem tedious, but there’s a way to speed up the sluggish process starting with phase one of this battle.

First Phase

Keep a look out for the four crystal pillars sticking out from the walls all around the arena. Bring Xeno’jiva under one of these pillars and shoot a bullet or arrow at them, which will take down this beast’s health rather quickly. Players can do this four times at each of the four pillars. This takes out a huge chunk of his health and makes the process of taking him down that much easier. If players decide they wanted to take on this monster with their friends, the damage is increased to 1,800 for each player, which is fairly substantial.

Second Phase

When Xeno’jiva takes to the sky, players will want to fire any of the slinger pods found on the ground, as this will make the monster come down and be readily available to attack. Players will want to do this until they defeat him and collecting the loot that comes from beating this monster.

Using these tricks cuts down on battle time tremendously and can help players get this better loot a bit faster, especially if they decide to do this battle with some friends. It also doesn’t hurt to read up on every monster and know their weaknesses, even if it is another monster.

Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One with a release date for PC coming later this year.

Source: Reddit