Monster Hunter World Reveals New Horizon Zero Dawn Event


Monster Hunter World has officially revealed a new event themed around the critically acclaimed PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn,  giving fans of the game some new armor pieces to get, a refreshed quest to go through, and more. It's worth noting, though, the quest and its rewards will only be available for PS4 players.

Monster Hunter World players on PS4 who decide to play through the quest will be able to get the Aloy γ full armor set and Aloy layered armor as rewards. Very few details were announced alongside the tweet, but Capcom should have the quest go live sometime next month.

The tweet was in response to a message that gave Monster Hunter World players a release date for Arch-Tempered Lunastra, which will be live on Xbox One and PS4 between October 4th and October 16th. It would be reasonable to assume that the new quest "The Heart of the Nora" (named after a quest of the same name in Horizon Zero Dawn) will be launching either alongside the Arch-Tempered Lunastra event or just as it ends.

This isn't the first time that Horizon Zero Dawn has intermingled with Monster Hunter World. Back in February of this year, the Capcom title had a similar crossover that offered hunters the Aloy α armor set and Aloy’s Bow weapon. Just like this year, the quest and the armor it rewards were exclusive to PS4 players.

While Xbox players are missing out on the new Horizon Zero Dawn content, PC players get the shortest end of the stick with no content coming their way during this time period. Unfortunately, there is currently no projection as to when PC players might catch up to Monster Hunter World's console versions.

Monster Hunter World is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Monster Hunter – Twitter

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