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Monster Hunter World players have quite a lot to look forward to over the next month. The newly updated March quest schedule is bringing a variety of new activities for hunters to enjoy, and with them comes new loot to acquire. As with everything in the game, gaining that loot requires some skill and a healthy measure of luck. Drop rates have been a matter of speculation ever since the game released, but now fans can finally see the actual numbers thanks to a newly released companion guide from Capcom.

For many hunters out there, engaging the majestic beasts of Monster Hunter World in combat is all the reason they need to play. For just as many others, the chance of gathering rare loot is the driving force behind their efforts. Monster Hunter World YouTuber Gaijin Hunter recently got his hands on Capcom's newly released companion guide and breaks down the drop rates of several rare monster hunters in a video uploaded earlier today.

As noted in the video, the guide Gaijin Hunter is using isn't the full strategy guide due out later in March, but one of several smaller companion guides. These guides are currently only available in Japanese, but western players needn't worry about that. All of the information covered in these smaller guides is also included in the all-encompassing book mentioned above. Luckily, players have dedicated fans like Gaijin Hunter to translate the info for them.

Gaijin Hunter opens the video by providing a short overview of what these guides are and the information they cover. He also offers players some general tips based on what he's read.

First, hunters don't need to worry about going out of their way to deliberately carve or capture a monster. It seems both methods have exactly the same drop rate, so players can simply choose whichever they prefer on a case by case basis. He also advises players to do investigations with gold and silver drops over bronze, as they provide extra chances at rare drops. There isn't a solution for the trolling problem in Monster Hunter World yet, so players would do well to have the necessary countermeasures prepared before doing any of this.

After getting the general advice out of the way, Gaijin Hunter digs in and breaks down the rare drop rates for several of Monster Hunter World's most prized creatures, including some of the most difficult monsters in the game.

Take a Kushala Daora gem, for example. Players have a 2% chance of obtaining it by carve, 3% by tail carve, 2% by head break*, 6% via silver reward, and 13% via gold reward. Getting its Horn+ is a bit easier with an 8% chance by carve, 66% by head break, 16% via silver reward, and 16% via gold reward. Gaijin Hunter also notes that getting a head break means dealing 300 damage for a flinch, something that must be repeated five times in order to get awarded the break.

Monster Hunter World has already proven to be extremely popular since its release, going so far as to set a new sales record for Capcom. With the official drop rates finally revealed, perhaps even more fans of loot-oriented adventure games will jump on board now that it's possible to maximize one's chances of getting their desired drops.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is set to release in fall 2018 for PC.

Source: YouTube - Gaijin Hunter

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