Monster Hunter World is a massive success for Capcom, breaking company sales records and even knocking off some major AAA franchises like Call of Duty to grab the number one spot for sales in January 2018. While the game seemingly has a never-ending supply of things players can do, Capcom has made sure to continue to supplement the experience with limited time events and new gear to collect such as Ryu from Street Fighter, many have started to wonder about what sort of downloadable content this game could be getting in the coming months. Thanks to a recent potential leak, fans may already have the answer.

While the post is in Japanese, Reddit user mvpeast was able to translate it into English. If the details are correct, Monster Hunter World is set to receive three fairly large updates over the Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons. Three new areas are being added including an island zone, winter zone, and a dragon plateau. The long requested G Rank, which many veteran hunters view as the true endgame for the higher challenge it provides, is likely planned to be included in the Fall Update to coincide with the PC release.

Monster Hunter World more damage sleeping monsters

Capcom is also planning to add more than 10 elder dragons into the game including monsters found in past Monster Hunter games. Some of the elder dragons mentioned in the post are Narugakuruga, Jinogre, Fatalis, Lunastra, Amatsu, Alatreon, Shagaru Magala, and a Xeno’Jiiva subspecies as well. As expected, each monster will also come with its own weapon and armor set for players to craft.

While the list is no doubt exciting, especially for longtime Monster Hunter fans, Reddit users have begun to question the validity of the leak. Many are claiming the information to be a wishlist from a discussion thread. Others are saying that’s a lot of content to create in a short amount of time, while the known Spring Update isn’t mentioned at all. Until Capcom says otherwise, fans should continue to be skeptical.

Last year, Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter World would be receiving its fair share of free DLC and updates. However, Capcom hasn’t confirmed anything outside of the events and special quests that have already appeared, most of which are crossover events with other game franchise. Considering the popularity of this most recent game, Capcom is likely going to try and capitalize on the huge install base, though what that entails in terms of actual content is anyone guess.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will launch in fall 2018 for PC.

Source: Reddit