Monster Hunter World Food Recreated in Real Life

Monster Hunter World food in real life

Food is a major part of Monster Hunter World gameplay. As a consumable item, players have figured out the best foods to eat before a hunt, choosing the right meals to improve certain stats before a big battle. Food is so important to Monster Hunter World players, in fact, that one fan has even gone as far as to recreate it in real life.

On Twitter, a user named ki-ki posted a delicious Monster Hunter World feast that had been recreated by their significant other. The recreated dishes pose a stunning likeness to the in-game meal. On offer are two huge king prawns and an assortment of muscles and chillis sitting on a sumptuous bed of seasoned rice which seems to have diced vegetables in it.

This is accompanied by four kebobs (prawns, prawns with a crispy fried coating, and two types of meatballs) skewered into a pineapple. Then there's a block of cheese, and a crab claw swimming in a delicious-looking broth. There are also two types of roasted meats, some roast potatoes, and a Monster Hunter World-themed drink to wash it all down with. The Twitter user reveals that the meal took three hours to prepare and cost 4,000 Yen (around $35) to put together.

The meal looks delectable and Monster Hunter World fans seem to appreciate the effort, with the original tweet having garnered over 160,000 retweets and over 343,000 likes. Many fans have even argued that this looks better than the official recreation of the game's food that's offered at the Capcom Cafe in Saitama, Japan. The official Capcom version can come with French fries and pizza and it seems that the meat skewers also have peppers on them. The Capcom-created meal still looks nice, but few can stop raving about the viral fan attempt.

Comparisons aside, the fact that someone attempted to create the meal at all is a testament to Monster Hunter World's popularity. While the monster battling franchise has always been popular, it seems that fans are especially loving the most recent entry in the series.

In addition to food recreations, players have also been posting incredible speedruns of boss battles and have spent plenty of time figuring out the best strategies for the game. If that's not a commitment, then it's unclear what is. Who knows what the Monster Hunter World community will come up with next.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will release later in the fall.

Source: ki-ki - Twitter (via Kotaku)

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