Monster Hunter World Adding Final Fantasy 14 Monster and Armor


About a month ago, Capcom and Square Enix teamed up for a Final Fantasy 14 Online crossover update which added the likes of Monster Hunter World's “King of the Skies,” Rathalos to the ever-growing MMORPG's realm. Now, it looks as if the shoe is on the other foot, as MHW will be adding a well-known FF14 monster to the action-RPG, in addition to a set of fresh armor inspired by the Square Enix title.

As seen in below in Monster Hunter World's Final Fantasy 14 update trailer, FF14's Behemoth will head to the New World soon, with players being able to hunt it starting at 5:00 PM PT on August 1, 2018, with European fans getting it the next day at 1:00 AM BST. According to the footage, aetheryte has drawn the creature to MHW, with a Hunter being shown interacting with a Moogle and a Kulu-Ya-Ku investigating a crystal before the Behemoth appears.

Once the Behemoth shows up in the above Monster Hunter World trailer, Hunters take the offensive against the legendary beast Behemoth in the Wildspire Waste and Elder's Recess, while the absolutely massive monster uses Final Fantasy magic spells such as Fire, Thunder, and Meteor to fend them off. What's more is that some of the Hunters are shown in the video wearing armor that represents Final Fantasy's Dragoons, and wielding what appears to be a new Insect Glaive variant.

Bearing everything in mind, it's quite likely that a lot of Final Fantasy 14 fans will be elated at the prospect of interacting with assets from the MMORPG in Monster Hunter World. For in addition to all of the aforementioned content, the forthcoming MHW update will also include Cactuar and a Behemoth skin for a player's Poogie. With this being the case, perhaps some FF14 Online fans will take a break to check out some of the game's content in Monster Hunter World next month.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release coming on August 9, 2018.

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