When it comes to Monster Hunter World there are two core gameplay loops. One is hunting monsters and the other is customizing your build(s) to suit a variety of situations. However, developing a variety of builds is going to cost players, both in terms of monster parts and money.

While the monster part collecting is fairly straightforward if players consult their hunting guide, the getting money part is not as easy. Yes, there are ways to farm some money in Monster Hunter World, but those that want consistent earnings will need to be smart.

Luckily, there is an incredible money farming method available right now in Monster Hunter World that some players might not realize is that lucrative. Unfortunately, it’s an Event Quest that is about to leave the game. Jump on it now!

Step 1: Load Up Triple Threat Throwdown Event Quest

First, players will want to load up the Event Quest called Triple Threat Throwdown. This is a 6-star level quest that has up to four players facing off against a Great Jagras, a Great Girros, and a Dodogama in the arena.

monster hunter triple threat quest

Step 2: Equip Fast Weapon and Bandit Mantle

Once in the arena, players will want to equip their fastest weapon or one that can deliver sustained hits. The dual blades are likely the best option but something like the Charge Blade or Switch Blade can work too. Granted, all of the other weapons are not bad, but the more hits you can deliver in quick succession the better.

Alongside a quick weapon, players will want to equip the Bandit Mantle. This is the key to earning money in Monster Hunter World, as it pulls trade-in items off of monsters. These trade-in items are designed specifically for selling and can range in value from 1,000 Zenny upwards.

Step 3: Attack Great Girros and Great Jagras

With all of the main pieces equipped, it’s now time to start the farm. Jump into the arena and face off against the Great Girros and the Great Jagras. Draw both of them in close and begin to hit them while wearing the Bandit Mantle and gold pieces should fly off each monster at a regular pace. Try to make sure your weapon hits both monsters at the same time, so that the odds of trade-in items dropping increases.

If everything is working correctly, you should see plenty of gold items on the ground within a minute or so. Make sure to stop attacking and pick those up, though, because they can de-spawn if left on the ground for too long. Then resume hitting the Jagras and Girros until either the Bandit Mantle wears out or both are slayed.

Note that the Dodogama is off on the raised area of the arena. Keep it there while engaging the Jagras and Girros because it can get hectic with three monsters attacking all at once. It’s hard enough keeping the two monsters stun locked and adding a third can hurt your chances of doing sustained damage.

Step 4: Profit

monster hunter world bandit mantle

To gain even more trade-in items from the event quest, players can bring friends using the Bandit Mantle and the same strategy. What’s great about the Bandit Mantle is it drops items for the player and it drops them for friends. So if all four players are using it then there should be even more items on the ground and they should all come away with a ton of things to sell by the end.

When all is said and done, the player should have at least 20,000 Zenny in items, if not more. Then you can run the Event Quest again and again until your wallet is overstuffed.

Although this is a great way to farm money, it does involve an Event Quest, so there is only a finite amount of time that it will be available. Once the quests and bounties reset, it will be gone and a truly great farming method will be lost.

Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases this fall.