Monster Hunter World is all about collecting materials to craft better weapons and armor so that players can take on stronger monsters in the game. One of the rarest crafting materials players can collect are monster gems, but there are steps players can take to increase their odds of obtaining gems/rubies while playing Monster Hunter World.

In Monster Hunter World, certain crafting materials can only be carved from monsters if specific body parts are broken. This means that players will increase their odds of obtaining a gem or ruby if they destroy the corresponding part before they carve the monster’s corpse. This will differ from one monster to the next, so players will need to check what parts they will need to break before each hunt.

Besides killing the monsters, players can obtain these rare gems and rubies by capturing the monsters as well, though they will still need to destroy the appropriate body parts first.

Yet another way to farm for rubies and gems is by making sure your Palico companion has the Plunderblade weapon equipped, which will actually allow the cute little critters to steal crafting materials from monsters. These methods and more are discussed in the video below:

While farming for these gems, players will also want to make sure that they are starting their hunts through investigations as opposed to expedition mode. Investigations have additional bonus rewards attached to them, and those with gold bonus rewards will increase one’s odds of earning more gems/rubies at the end of a hunt.

Resource center bounties are another way players can earn gems and rubies in Monster Hunter World. If players complete all the weekly limited-time bounties, they will be rewarded with a Gold Wyverian Print, which can be used at the Elder Melder to craft specific monster gems and rubies.

Finally, the last way players can obtain these rare crafting materials is by speaking with the Argosy. As pointed out by YouTuber Mtashed in the video guide above, this method is the least reliable as the Argosy may not necessarily have the gems and rubies that players want.

With these tips in minds, players should drastically increase the number of monster gems and rubies that they are earning in Monster Hunter World, and be able to craft the best weapons and armor as a result.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for later this year.